Within the product range of BERTRAND, you will find window shutters. This is the proposal for those, who look for practical solutions which are elegant at the same time. They can be colour-matched, and when properly composed with the elevation and architecture of the building, they will become an impressive decoration. In addition to their decorative properties, the shutters also perform an acoustic function, protecting windows against hail, wind or even burglary.

Shutters are the ideal solution for your home, guest house, hotel or a holiday home. While performing their primary function, they also foster natural air conditioning. On hot days, they protect living rooms from the hot air impact, thus preserving a pleasant chill inside. Still, you will fully appreciate them during winter season, for the shutters reduce heat losses.

At a customer request, we make different types of single or double shutters. The dimensions of the shutters are calculated in such way, that they cover the entire window when closed. More often than not, however, they consist of two wings attached to a wall, or to a window frame.

As standard, we offer black metal fittings, still other colours are also available.

At your request, we can make shutters using any type of wood, such as oak, pine, meranti, etc.

The full range of colours must prompt your imagination, and the wide variety of available patterns will help you pick the most elegant shutters.


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