Infinity Alu okno drewniano aluminiowe Bertrand

Synergic window

Modern wood-aluminium system with a hidden sash.

Modern or traditional? Light or sturdy? Durable or noble?

Bertrand Synergic windows are an uncompromising solution. Hand crafted timber frames bring a cozy atmosphere into your home. Aluminum cladding with high resistance to the elements, including rain and UV, ensures durability and security.

When opposites attract, we come into the ideal situation: narrow, elegant wood-aluminum profiles with hidden sashes, tailored to your very own requirements.

Infinity Alu okno drewniano aluminiowe Bertrand

The Synergic window features:

modern profile shape in line with the current trends in architecture
hidden sash
possibility of using the glass pane sets of up to 58 mm (XL)
numerous colours of wood and aluminium
high resistance to weather conditions
two or three glass panes glazing
system depth: 81.5mm/82.5mm, XL 91.5mm/92.5mm
three sealing layers

Thanks to the use of wood and aluminium, the Synergic windows are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Following the current architectural trends, the Synergic windows design will be the true embellishment of your home.

The rich colour palette will allow you to adjust your windows to your individual style.

Advanced technology of gluing glazing units, combined with modern fittings, allowed to achieve burglary resistance up to RC2 class.

Natural light
Ultra narrow frames and a large glass surface provide plenty of natural light inside the house. The height of the frame with the sash is only 90 mm.

Energy efficiency
Sensational thermal insulation coefficient - up to 0.78 W / m2K.

Definitely better acoustics than traditional solutions. The Rw (sound insulation) coefficient reaches a value of up to 48 dB, which is 150% of the standard level.

Modern style and minimalist design based on expressive shapes. The aesthetics of wood combined with the fashionable style of aluminum create timeless beauty and the highest durability.

The window frames are made of 90 mm thick wood. Aluminum cover provides protection against weather conditions. During qualitative research, the system achieved the highest classes of water resistance, air permeability and wind loads.

Modern fittings ensure easy opening and closing of windows.

Infinity Alu is a wooden window system with an aluminum cover. It is distinguished by very good thermal insulation parameters, which the Customer can receive at a price similar to a wooden system.

Profile depth 81,5 mm | 91,5 mm XL version
Glazing up to 48 mm for the standard version and up to 58 mm for the XL version
Glazing 3-glass glazing unit, 2-chamber
Ug Ug=0,5 W/m2K
RW (soundproof)   up to 48 dB
Warranty 5 years
Wood type pine, oak, meranti, larch, spruce
Warm frame Chromatech, Multitech
Inside colors transparent, RAL or NCS colors
Exterior colors any RAL – structure or mat
Bonding three layers
Seals three sealing layers
Fitting hidden
Ornamental decorative glass   available as an option
Mullions optional


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