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CAIRE® MIKrovent

Active ventilation in every dimension

Save energy


Moisture protection

Noise protection


Autonomous operation

Heat recovery

Includes an air filter

Application range

CAIRE® MIKrovent is available in various dimensions to cover a wide range of applications: from individual living spaces (e.g. children’s rooms), commercial rooms (e.g. hotel rooms) and apartments, to houses and large spaces (e.g. schools). It can be integrated into existing or new buildings and does not reduce your window areas – a great advantage.
caire mikrovent

Layout and function

Ventilation is achieved via two air ducts which meet indirectly in the heat exchanger. Depending on the design, heat recovery of up to 95% is achieved. CAIRE® MIKrovent has sensor technology that measures the temperature and humidity of the room air and VOC content (and optionally CO2 content) and controls the ventilation accordingly. Filters remove harmful particles from the air. Quiet fans and a sound-insulating housing ensure the acoustic quality. It can be controlled automatically or manually.
caire mikrovent

Available versions

CAIRE® MIKrovent 35:

Airflow between 10 and 35 m³ per hour. For individual residential rooms (e.g. bedrooms or children’s rooms) from 20 to 25 m² and a maximum of two people. CAIRE® MIKrovent 35 can also be optionally mounted directly on the window.

CAIRE® MIKrovent 60:

Airflow between 30 and 60 m³ per hour. For 30 to 40 m² rooms (e.g. hotel rooms, offices) and a maximum of 3 to 4 people. Sensors measure not only temperature and humidity but also CO2 and VOC content as an option.

CAIRE® MIKrovent 120:

Airflow between 60 and 120 m³ per hour. For large rooms (e.g. nurseries or schools). Sensors measure not only temperature and humidity but also CO2 and VOC content as an option.
caire mikrovent

Left/lower image: CAIRE® MIKrovent 60 / 120
Right/upper image: CAIRE® MIKrovent 35

The other CAIRE® ventilation systems

CAIRE® flex

The CAIRE® flex passive ventilation system is based on pressure equalisation between indoor and outdoor air and can be compactly and inconspicuously mounted in the window rebate. It ensures permanent basic ventilation, prevents mould and works independently.

about CAIRE® flex
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Small. Invisible. Flexible.

CAIRE® smart

CAIRE® smart is an active ventilation system with sensors that test the quality of the room air and an option to connect to your smart home system. The installed fans and an efficient heat recovery system make the solution ideal for medium-sized and larger living areas.

about CAIRE® smart
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inteligentny, wydajny, praktyczny


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