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For an athlete, real life often begins right after the end of his career. Often these are really personal dramas, there is helplessness, fear and, above all, the question: what to do next? Many people have absolutely no idea about "life after life." But Tomek Kuszczak had it. First he hung up his shoes, and then he jumped into another shoes - that of a businessman. And he boldly set out on the "construction" side. Effect? The beautiful Rewa Park complex, which has been operating for over a year and winning the hearts of new guests.

Kuszczak is a former goalkeeper, among others. the Polish national team and Manchester United, who threw themselves into the investment without hesitation. A center like Rewa Park was his big dream. – After a 25-year professional career, I got bored with football and built a housing estate for myself – laughs Tomek. – Seriously speaking, the end of a career is a question mark for every athlete. Various thoughts go through your head about how you will live and what you will possibly invest in. I was no different from my colleagues. I probably wanted to invest my money in something that would bring investments both for me and my family and children - explains the Bertrand brand ambassador.

It was a very big change for Tomek. He had a lot of work ahead of him, as he had no knowledge of construction. The experience of parents who have their own center, also in Rewa, certainly helped, but his persistence and determination in action were also important.

Rewa Park is a truly comprehensive and visually beautiful investment in which every detail has been taken care of. This is taken care of by the host himself, who is here every day. – Sometimes even twice a day – says Tomek, who runs Rewa Park together with his partner, Evelyn, and a small group of employees.

The complex consists of 8 buildings with 38 tastefully and high-quality premises. The view from the terrace is breathtaking, especially since the apartments have HST lift-and-slide doors. Everywhere is clean, tidy and really atmospheric. – We have beautiful apartments that are dedicated both to people who come here and want to do sports, because in Rewa you can kite, but it is also a place for families with children who want to relax in silence, surrounded by beautiful, often wild nature. We actually thought about everyone in this investment, says Tomek. – I wanted to create a place that would be friendly for a long stay and that would be associated with home for our clients. Each apartment has a kitchen, everything you need, and a beautiful view. I wanted customers to feel at home when coming here, not in a hotel room - explains our ambassador.

Why did he decide to use Bertrand doors and windows? – Elements of permanent construction are important, if not the most important. A product such as a window or door must be - in my opinion - of high quality so that it gives us a sense of comfort and silence in the summer and warmth in the winter. I was personally involved in checking the entire range of windows and doors, because they are one of the three most important elements in the building structure. I chose Bertrand because I think it produces really high-quality products. And in my investment it was very important to maintain this high standard and quality - he explains.

– Besides, my partner and I came up with the idea that the windows outside would be a different color than the inside, where the color was supposed to match the color of the floors. Bertrand fulfilled these and our other wishes without hesitation. It was not without significance that the range of products the company offers is huge. If we found something for ourselves, everyone will find something for themselves, our interlocutor assures us. – Besides, I wanted to focus on quality. My partner and I have invested a lot of time, health and money in Rewa Park. When building such a complex, we wanted to make sure that each element would be refined and of the highest quality. Besides, customers appreciate it very much, because I often hear customers laughing and saying: "Oh, Mr. Tomek. It was built lavishly.” Well, it was – Tomasz admits bravely. – There are HS windows, triple glazing, everything to a high standard. Out of hundreds of windows that were installed at the very beginning of the investment, none of them has actually broken down or lost any quality. And this is not a nod to the Bertrand company on my part, just facts - emphasizes the businessman.

First contact with a company from Luzin? – Oh, long story. When building it, I looked for a variety of materials, not just windows or doors. I looked at various companies and often visited them in person, where they showed me the entire production process. Maybe it's because I'm quite a famous person, or maybe because they knew I would want to spend a lot of money - laughs Tomek. – Anyway, I finally landed in Luzin, at the Bertrand window factory. I made an appointment with one of the salespeople who arranged a meeting with the factory owner, a fan who wanted to meet me. Back then, we weren't friends yet, but business partners. I got an offer, just like from other places, and finally I decided on Bertrand, also because of the great service it offers. This was also very key for me when choosing, says Tomasz Kuszczak, who soon became our brand ambassador. – Not without significance for my choice was the fact that I talked to many businessmen who also decided on the Bertrand brand and absolutely did not regret it. This convinced me, he adds.

The facility is truly beautiful, safe and fully gated. Guests are surprised not only by the aesthetics and high quality, but also by the silence and peace that reigns here. – In fact, we are just getting started, although we already have customers who come back to us. We are very flattered, admits Tomasz. When asked why Rewa is a special place, he perks up visibly. “It's like the Polish Maldives,” he says with a smile. – The beach has just been widened, the sand is beautiful and clean, and there is a truly unique atmosphere and peace here. – And if someone is looking for excitement, the Tricity is really very close – says Tomasz.

Together with his partner, they made sure that their guests had plenty of bird's milk. And not only those adults. – We are prepared to host families with children. In the center itself we have a beautiful, glass-enclosed living room. Parents can sit in the garden and watch what their children are doing, knowing and seeing that they are completely safe. We also have a SPA, we are building a gym, but above all we have a great and unique atmosphere - Tomek praises his "child", and anyone who has seen what Rewa Park looks like from the inside must agree with him.

Even though he hung up his boots a few years ago, he still keeps in touch with his teammates. Either by organizing a football festival in Sopot or by meeting them in their complex. He was visited by former Polish representatives, such as Piotr Świerczewski, Sebastian Mila, and Grzegorz Rasiak, but also the recent coach of the Polish national team, Czesław Michniewicz. Who knows, maybe while staying in Rewa Park you will come across a former football star who visits his old friend regularly and, like Rasiak, promises to come back as soon as possible. – I plan to invite friends from foreign clubs. I'm working on it, Tomek winks.

But the truth is that it is worth coming to Rewa Park not only for the football idols, but above all for the silence, atmosphere and the really high standard that Tomasz Kuszczak offers its guests. You will really feel at home here.

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