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Take care of yours windows

Cleaning wooden windows, which we carry out regularly, is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons. Dust and dirt may lead to the appearance of green algae and fungi, which are not only unsightly, but can also damage the paint coating. Therefore, thorough removal of contaminants using a gentle detergent and clean water is extremely important.

Additionally, keeping wooden windows clean is important for their long-term preservation. Regular cleaning helps avoid the need for expensive window repairs and renovations, which can be not only time-consuming but also expensive. Therefore, it is worth investing time in caring for and keeping your windows in the best possible condition to enjoy their functionality and beauty for many years.

We recommend care products window joinery

GORI 690 Clean

alkaline cleaning agent for transparent and opaque finishing coatings, e.g. windows and doors

GORI 690 Clean is colorless and removes dirt, oil, grease, etc. from the surface.

GORI 690 Care

wax-based care emulsion.

Used to refresh faded and dull surfaces of wooden windows, doors and shutters

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