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COR 80

The COR 80 system is characterized by an extremely slim door frame and an increased glazing area. Very good energy efficiency, excellent waterproofing, airtightness and wind resistance properties.


up to 0.8 (W/m²K)


46 dB

Max. glazing thickness


Max. leaf dimensions

Width 1300 mm, Height 2400 mm

Max. wing weight

160 kg

Air permeability

(EN 12207): CLASS 4


(EN 12208): CLASS E1650

Resistance to wind load

(EN 12210): CLASS C5

  1. The cross-section from the outside is only 66 mm
  2. Glass can constitute up to 85% of the window area
  3. Thanks to the hidden wing, a uniform and aesthetic façade was achieved
  4. Permeability coefficient up to 0.8 W/m²K
  5. High level of soundproofing thanks to the use of glazing up to 50 mm thick
  6. Excellent waterproofing, airtightness and wind load resistance properties
  7. Protection against unfavorable weather conditions
  8. Possibility to use a hidden handle

System COR 80 it is characterized by an extremely slim door frame. The cross-section visible from the outside is only 66mm, which significantly increases the glazing area. Thanks to this, the glass can be even 85% surface of the entire window, providing excellent illumination of the interior.

It is possible to use permanent glazing and use fittings with anti-panic function, automatic door closing mechanism and handles and hinges adapted to separate fire zones.



The window has been designed in such a way that, when viewed from the outside, it is impossible to distinguish between the fixed glazing and the one that can be opened. This procedure allows you to obtain a perfectly uniform aesthetic façade.

A wide thermal break zone 45mm and polyolefin foam placed in the frame and sash make it possible to achieve a permeability coefficient of up to 0.8 W/m²K, which significantly increases energy efficiency. Moreover, this system is characterized by a high degree of interior noise reduction, which is achieved thanks to the possibility of using glazing with a thickness of up to 50mm.

The results obtained during AEV tests confirm excellent waterproofing, airtightness and wind load resistance properties. This system provides the highest protection against unfavorable weather conditions.


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