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Kombisystem plus is a new system with a middle seal. It is equipped with an anti-burglary fin placed on the window rebate, which mechanically protects window elements against external factors. Systems with a central seal are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation parameters.


0.73 W/(m²K).

Number of chambers in the frame


Installation depth


Number of seal levels


  1. Increased anti-burglary protection
  2. 6-chamber system
  3. Increased statics
  4. Excellent acoustic insulation
  5. High thermal insulation
  6. Modern design
By using an additional anti-burglary fin, we effectively make life more difficult for burglars.
Thanks to the use of STV dry gluing technology, Kombisystem plus windows gain additional advantages such as stability and safety of use.
Energy saving
Thanks to the materials used, the window has excellent thermal insulation parameters.

The perfect solution for large colored window structures

Thanks to its excellent static properties, the Kombisystem plus system is perfect for constructing large colored window elements. Thanks to the use of static dry gluing technology, made in the Kombisystem plus system gain additional advantages such as stability and safety of use.

Increased anti-burglary protection

It might seem that it is practically impossible to obtain an even higher level of security in the Kombisystem plus system than that offered by standard windows. However, the anti-burglary fin used in the Kombisystem plus system effectively makes life difficult for potential burglars. Most burglaries are carried out by breaking windows - for this purpose, the burglar inserts a screwdriver between the frame and the sash. In the case of the Kombisystem plus system, however, it will encounter an effective barrier in the form of an anti-burglary fin.

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