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The system is intended for the construction and execution of light curtain walls - flat, suspended and filling walls, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures. This solution is a modification of the very popular MB-SR50 facade system, meeting current trends in architecture.

  1. Angle connections enable free shaping of the aluminum structure
  2. Columns and transoms with "sharp" edges allowing the construction of load-bearing structures of facades with the appearance of a uniform grid
  3. Aesthetic variations of the facade and a number of overlay profiles of various shapes ensure many variants of the façade image
  4. A wide selection of opening elements in the facade: various types of windows and doors, including MB-SR50N RW roof windows, MB-SR50N IW windows integrated with the facade, as well as MB-SR50N OW tilting and parallel opening windows
  5. A large range of glazing and available insulators and accessories allow for a high level of thermal insulation of facades
  6. Possibility of bending profiles and building arch structures

The shape of the mullions and transoms allows you to build aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, while ensuring the durability and strength of the structure.

The rounded shapes with a radius of 2.5 mm, characteristic of the MB-SR50 system, have been replaced with the so-called sharp edge. This procedure significantly affects the aesthetics of the structure - the profile shapes used enable the selection of mullion and transom profiles, which gives the effect of flush surfaces of mullions and transoms from the inside of the façade.

Thanks to this, the glazing can be constructed as a uniform grid. This also facilitates aesthetic and precise connections with other building elements: internal walls and suspended ceilings.

Characteristic features of the MB-SR50N system include a large range of column profiles (from 65 mm to 325 mm) and transoms (from 5 mm to 189.5 mm) as well as modern solutions for accessories and connectors.

They allow for increased ranges of transferred loads - the filling of the permanent facade module can weigh up to 450 kg.

The MB-SR50N system gives considerable freedom in designing façade mounting points; a wide range of glazing also allows the use of large-size glass and double-chamber insulating glass.

The aesthetic variant of the MB-SR50N system, similarly to the previously known mullion-and-transom facades, are the following versions: PL (the so-called horizontal and vertical line, where the horizontal or vertical divisions are emphasized) and the EFEKT type semi-structural façade. Particularly noteworthy is the version with increased thermal insulation, MB-SR50N HI, which uses special two-component insulators.


Product MB SR50N comes in the following versions

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