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PSK patio doors are a shortened name for tilt-and-slide doors. This system is equipped with a fixed leaf and a sliding leaf. When opening a door or window in the PSK system, the fitting mechanism causes the movable leaf to first tilt, then move away, and then move along the guide located in the lower part of the structure. Tilt windows in the PSK system work in the same way as in traditional windows, which is a convenient and very easy to use solution. When the door is closed, the fixed and sliding leaves form a straight line. The rail on which the moving part of the PSK door moves is mounted in the frame.

  1. The tilt and slide system allows for the use of large-sized glazing.
  2. The area of a single PSK terrace system can be up to 8 m².
  3. Sliding doors can be up to 1.6 m wide, which allows for a convenient exit to the terrace or garden.
  4. Despite their considerable weight and large size, PSK patio doors are simple and convenient to use.

Tilt and slide doors are an alternative to standard balcony doors. Wanting save space, which is necessary when opening the balcony wing, we can use the tilt and slide system. As the name suggests, the sash can be tilted (as in standard balconies) or moved (left or right, depending on needs). Sliding doors also have advantage over ordinary balcony ones in that they do not snap shut under the influence of wind or draft. Bertrand offers this type of solutions in all technologies (PVC, wood, aluminum, wood-aluminum). The colors, similarly to accordion systems, are selected according to the user's individual preferences.

Doors in the PSK system – advantages

The undisputed advantage of the PSK system is its affordable price. Lower than what you have to pay for the door in the HST system.
Another advantage of PSK doors and a feature that distinguishes them from other balcony systems is the ability to open the doors in such a way that they do not take up additional space in the room. This allows you to optimize the use of space.

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