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Why is it worth choosing fix windows for your home?

Have you ever heard of the term fix? This term is widely known in the industry, but people outside it may not necessarily be familiar with it. We will explain this term to you using the example of the windows of our regular customer whom we recently visited.

The name fix refers to window structural elements that do not open and are stationary. They are usually used as a complement to standard opening windows to ensure uniform lighting and an aesthetic appearance of the building facade. Fixes can be made of various materials (such as wood, aluminum or PVC) and are usually installed next to windows that open, regardless of whether they are single, double or triple windows. They serve primarily to aesthetically complement the building's architecture and to ensure a uniform external appearance.

These windows are not only decorative elements, but also a sign of refined taste and professionalism in space design. Their size may vary, but today we will show you those in slightly larger sizes.

Panoramic windows have become extremely popular not only because they effectively illuminate interiors, but also make the structure of the house more interesting. The potential of these windows can be used in many ways. They perfectly illuminate every room in which they are installed. Additionally, they allow for the effective use of natural solar energy for interior heating.

Below we present one of the projects in which Mr. Adam used Fix panoramic windows in his home. Its windows were made using the system MB Slimline low profile. Thanks to this solution, you can easily sit on the sofa in the living room and admire your garden, while enjoying a huge amount of sunlight. But this solution can be used not only to admire the outside world. As shown in the photos below, Mr. Adam decided to install several fix windows, thanks to which he has a beautiful view of the garage straight from the living room or the elegant entrance to the house.

Advantages of panoramic windows:

  1. More natural light: Panoramic windows significantly increase the amount of natural light reaching the interior, which creates a more pleasant atmosphere and can positively affect your well-being.
  2. Better views: Large glazing allows you to admire beautiful landscapes without leaving your home, which is perfect for houses with a view of the garden, forest or mountains.
  3. Spacious effect: Interiors seem larger and more spacious, which can be a particular advantage in smaller rooms.
  4. Modern design: These types of windows give buildings a modern and elegant look, which increases their visual attractiveness and market value.

Disadvantages of panoramic windows:

  1. Higher heating costs: Due to larger glazing, greater heat losses may occur, resulting in higher heating bills. It is important that the windows have a low heat transfer coefficient (U) and are properly located in relation to the cardinal directions.
  2. Risk of overheating of rooms: In summer, especially if the windows face south, there may be problems with overheating of rooms, which can be minimized by using roller blinds, blinds or awnings.
  3. High costs: Large windows are more expensive both to purchase and to install, and they can also be expensive to maintain, including cleaning.
  4. Difficulty keeping clean: Cleaning large windows, especially on upper floors, can be tedious and require specialized equipment or the services of companies dealing with work at heights.

On the one hand, panoramic windows can take away heat, but also retain it. So how to choose windows to be energy-efficient?

When choosing panoramic windows, the key parameter worth paying attention to is thermal insulation. Well-insulated windows contribute to heat savings and optimal use of solar energy, minimizing heat loss to the outside.

Key Indicators

The thermal insulation of panoramic windows is determined by the heat transfer coefficient (Uw). The lower the Uw value, the better the insulation. Modern energy-saving windows have Uw of approximately 1 W/m²K, while passive windows can reach even below 0.8 W/m²K.

Profile and Glass

Thermal insulation of the window profile (Uf) is also an important element. A profile with a Uf of no more than 1.1 W/m²K significantly affects thermal efficiency. The thermal transmittance of glass (Ug) is equally important. Optimal glass filled with noble gas should have a Ug value of approximately 0.7 W/m²K.


Finally, proper and tight installation of panoramic windows in the wall insulation layer ensures maximum thermal efficiency.

It is worth remembering that appropriate thermal insulation parameters of panoramic windows not only affect the comfort of your home, but can also significantly reduce heating costs.

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