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Unique style in PVC finish. Introducing LINEAR

A versatile system that allows you to construct windows, balcony or entrance doors, which is characterized not only by excellent technical parameters, but also by a unique, minimalist design. This is how you can describe Linear, a solution from the PVC range, which is a response to the needs of modern trends

The advantages of this solution include, apart from the unique design, which we will come back to later, excellent thermal insulation (Uw from 0.73 W/(m²K)) obtained, among others, thanks to application three sealing points between the leaf and the frame and statics. Additionally Linear achieves the highest thermal parameters among deep systems 74mm

The style is based on simple but expressive contours, low profiles and height 110mm4-degree rebate angle or the ability to choose from wide offer matched glazing beads.

– Thanks to the system of rectangular strips, we obtain a geometric shape both from the outside and inside of the window - underlines Tomasz Budnik. – This is new since the introduction of the Linear system. Previously, there was no solution offering such possibilities. 

Linear it is also distinguished by compatibility with other solutions offered by Bertrand company, which allows for greater freedom in adapting them to individual needs. 

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