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The past weeks have been a time of action for our company for the local environment. We started the first week of November with a summary of the internal campaign prepared with animals in mind shelter in Dąbrówka near Wejherowo. However, in the middle of the month we decided to organize a small action aimed at improving safety. What did we come up with this time? 

Knowing that the autumn and winter period is particularly difficult for pets who don't have their own home, we decided to take action. Most importantly – together. The car was filled with donated gifts, including: dry and wet karmablanketstoys or other articles for dogs and cats. Additionally, from donations collected in specially prepared cans, we managed to purchase another large bag of food and pellets. We delivered everything ourselves, which was definitely a plus - we could meet the recipients of our pre-Christmas gift in person. As you can see from the photos, we immediately liked each other. 

Today, we took to the streets Luzinato do something to improve pedestrian safety. Near places where most people move in the morning, including shops, the station and schools, we distributed company logos. reflective bands. After all, a visible pedestrian is a safe pedestrian. We hope that the recipients will use them as often as possible. There was also a small, sweet treat for a good day. 

This is not the first and, we assure you, not the last of our actions. We will keep you updated on the next ones!

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