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BERTRAND praised by the German Police Association!

Did you know that our company's windows are recommended by... the German police?! And it has been this way for several years! Our company's windows appear year after year in a special brochure POLIZEI DEIN PARTNER published by GEWERKSCHAFT DER POLIZEI, i.e. the German Police Association.

– In Germany, when someone is building or renovating an apartment, they can call the police station for advice. He makes an appointment with a policeman who comes to the house and gives valuable tips on what to pay attention to when it comes to safety - says Mr. Wolfgang, who has been working in our export business for nineteen years and knows the German market like the back of his hand.

Once a year, the German Police Association (GEWERKSCHAFT DER POLIZEI) publishes a special newspaper presenting companies whose products guarantee safety. Bertrand has been with the newspaper for several years. During this time, only one Polish company managed to "land" in this newspaper. They were only there for a year.

The German Policemen's Association very carefully verifies the companies it recommends. – They take it very seriously and strictly – says Mr. Wolfgang. When there are trade fairs in Germany, representatives of the Police Association are also obliged to attend them. It's usually two guys in a suit with a tie, asking very carefully about the product and its safety parameters. I had the pleasure of having such a conversation once. I said at the end that I was very surprised, even shocked, by their knowledge. Then one of them took out the appropriate ID card, introducing himself as both of them from the Police Association - laughs our interlocutor.

There was once an opinion in Germany that windows from Poland were cheap and of poor quality. Today it is completely different. Why? - We have never slimmed down our profiles, ever. That's once. And two, our products contain closed steel. This means that in our products every single hook is twisted to steel. Try to balance it? It would be very difficult. And we also have four of these hooks as standard, while other companies provide one, sometimes two.

 – Recently, a client told me about an attempted burglary. There were 28 points in one window where burglars tried to defeat the security. 28! They must have had a lot of time and patience. And what happened? This wing had already become such a "banana", through this opening it was possible to see what was inside the apartment. But they failed to break the wing. Our standard, in which the hooks are screwed into steel, provides a huge guarantee of safety, says Mr. Wolfgang proudly.

Every self-respecting company wants to be mentioned in this newspaper. This is a guarantee of great advertising for the company and a guarantee of great quality for potential buyers. – For us, such an award is pride and proof that we know how to make good and safe windows – says our interlocutor.


We want your home to be safe, so our offer includes windows

with increased anti-burglary protection with resistance class up to: RC4

Your safety is our priority!

This is confirmed by the German police in the trade union warehouse.

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