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Infinity and Infinity Alu windows

System INFINITY ALU (wooden window with aluminum overlay) is a direct competitor to traditional wooden systems. It is distinguished by very good thermal insulation parameters, which the customer can receive at a price similar to the wooden system.

The Infinity and Infinity Alu systems (80 and 81.5 mm) are also available in the XL version, with a depth of 90 mm (wood) and 91.5 mm for the version with an aluminum cover.

Infinity and Infinity Alu windows are characterized by:

  • excellent thermal insulation indicators (UIn for the reference window with the U glazing unitg=0.5 reaches values dedicated to low-energy construction),
  • three seal lines,
  • triple glazing,
  • high resistance to weather conditions,
  • hidden wing,
  • hidden hinges,
  • possibility of using glass packages up to 48 mm for the standard version and up to 58 mm for the XL version.

Thanks to the low frame (the height of the frame with the sash is only 90 mm), the window lets in more light. The shape of the window is in a modern style.

Two of the three seals in the INFINITY system are mounted in the sash, which makes cleaning the windows much easier.

The Infinity Alu system guarantees high thermal insulation parameters, a modern look and more light inside the room. The Infinity Alu system has the features of a wooden-aluminum system, but is available at the price of a wooden system, which makes it an attractive alternative to traditional wooden systems (ASK OUR ADVISORS FOR PRICE)

SystemSystem depth                            U-valueIn for U glazingg=0.5 with Chromatec Ultra frame 
Infinity80mm0.81 W/m2K Infinity
Infinity XL90mm0.78 W/m2K InfinityXL
Infinity Alu81.5mm0.81 W/m2K InfinityAlu
Infinity Alu XL91.5mm0.78 W/m2K InfinityAluXL



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