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Accordion doors


BERTRAND folding doors are a solution recommended to customers who value unique solutions. The system works perfectly in large rooms, providing users with a wide passage. Folding in an accordion, the wings allow you to open onto the garden, terrace or bridge the boundaries between rooms.

The entire structure can be up to several meters wide. This solution works perfectly in public and commercial buildings.

Folding doors can be made using various technologies (aluminum, wood).

The main reason for choosing folding doors is theirs high functionality. It is very important that we can install them both in narrow rooms and where we want to cover a much larger space, because double-leaf models of this type of doors can be up to several meters wide.

Their huge advantage is undoubtedly the price, much lower than in the case of traditional opening or sliding doors. Choosing folding doors will certainly allow us to gain a practical element of equipment and at the same time save on our home budget.

An important feature of accordion doors is their simple assembly. In this dimension, they are also better than traditional and sliding door leaves. Moreover, by choosing this type of cheap interior doors, we gain the ability to very easily modify their size.

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