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BB SLIDE system. This is a new, alternative solution in the sliding doors and windows segment. It is an excellent alternative to PSK or HST patio doors. The SLIDE system is perfect for single-family construction as well as public buildings. Its great advantage is tightness, reliability and ease of use.


0.69 W/(m²K)

  1. Wing installation depth – 81 mm
  2. Frame installation depth – 157.5 mm
  3. Possibility of glazing with packages up to 52 mm
  4. Highly stiff reinforcements in the wings
  5. Two types of fixed bollard from the BB LINE 82 system (wide static and standard).
  6. Available in scheme A
More warmth
High thermal insulation - Uw from 0.69 W/(m²K)
More peace
High acoustic insulation - glass packages up to 53mm
More choice
Attention to detail - attractive design and colors

The BB SLIDE patio door closing mechanism was created with ease of use and intuitive use in mind. Thanks to a more subtle frame and larger glazing, this system introduces additional natural light into the interior. Its minimalist design allows you to maintain a consistent aesthetic in the interior, while adding functional charm.

Product BB SLIDE comes in the following versions

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