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Alutrend Quadrat FB

The beauty of natural wood. Aluminum resistance.

  1. Rectangular shapes, the door leaf cover is flush with the door frame cover
  2. Installation depth from 78 to 102 mm
  3. System with three depths: Standard, XL, MAX
  4. Three- or four-pane glazing
  5. 3 seal lines
  6. Anti-burglary protection
  7. Inner side: Standard or Qube
  8. Modern and durable aluminum cover
Alutrend Quadrat FB system is also available in a widened version with a 78 mm deep wing (Alutrend XL 78 Quadrat FB) and in a version with an angular finish of the inner wing strip (Alutrend Qube 68 Qudrat FB) as well as in a version combining both of the above options (Alutrend XL Qube 78 Quadrat FB) .
All versions of the Alutrend Quadrat FB system can be additionally equipped with a special thermal insert that improves the value of the thermal transmittance coefficient (THERMO version).
QUBE finish
View from inside
View from the outside

Product Alutrend Quadrat FB comes in the following versions

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