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KONTUR is a versatile, modern plastic system. Thanks to the transparent and clear design of the form, both from the outside and inside, the system creates new trends in the field of window design. Narrow profiles and the maximum share of glass provide more natural light in the rooms. Contrary to appearances, slim KONTUR profiles provide increased safety and stability!


0.7 W/(m²K)

Number of chambers in the frame


Number of chambers in the wing


Installation depth


Number of seal levels


  1. Installation depth in the frame and sash 82.5 mm
  2. 3 sealing levels for optimal thermal insulation
  3. Glass thickness up to 56/66 mm
  4. 4° inclination when tipped over
  5. Frame spine suitable for existing 82.5mm platform
  6. Frame rebating particularly optimized for cleaning
Variety of appearance, colors and surfaces. The contour offers great design freedom with and without aluminum cladding.
The contour is prepared for automated processing at the manufacturer. This means that the profiles are intended both for modern production lines and for automated processing in the field of gluing technology.
Thanks to its innovative design, the central sealing system with a diameter of 82.5 mm achieves the highest parameters in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as statics.
The permanent central seal increases anti-burglary protection, additional stability through reinforcements throughout the entire system structure and the use of adhesive technology.

The contour combines a modern look and reliable functionality. Modern design based on simple contours combined with exceptional protection against burglary, the best thermal insulation values and acoustic is an expression of uncompromising attention to aesthetics, tightness and safety. In addition, Kontur enables window manufacturers to fully automate using the most modern production lines.

It is a versatile, modern system of plastic profiles. Thanks to a clear, clear language of form, the system creates both from the outside and inside new trends in the field of window design. Narrow profiles and the maximum share of glass provide more natural light in the rooms. Contrary to appearances, slim profiles provide increased safety and stability!


Increased security can be achieved by sealing with hard PVC, which is an effective method of protecting windows, balcony and terrace doors against burglary. These elements are often weak points in terms of anti-burglary protection and facilitate access to the apartment for potential burglars. Therefore, it is important to focus on optimal security of these areas and consider a comprehensive anti-burglary strategy.

The well-thought-out design of the Kontur system creates a solid barrier for burglars, preventing the door from being broken by the popular prying method. An anti-theft fin made of hard PVC, placed on the frame, prevents the sash from being unbalanced by inserting a screwdriver between the frame and the sash. Additional reinforcements of the profile structure support the overall anti-burglary concept, thus increasing the level of security.

The Kontur system allows the use of various bonding techniques, such as dry static glazing or wet bonding.

Advantages of glued elements:

larger window dimensions with a greater share of glass
partial abandonment of steel
lower maintenance costs

Additional benefits that can be obtained with wet gluing:

RC3 level anti-burglary protection
full automation of the gluing process during window production

In the Kontur system, everything fits perfectly together. A hard middle seal provides increased protection and three levels of sealing guarantee the highest tightness and thermal insulation. The contour meets all the requirements for high-class profile systems with an installation depth of 82.5 mm.

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