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French balconies

A solution with safety and aesthetics in mind. A product with various glazing thicknesses that can be adapted to the needs of various structures.

  1. Modern design
  2. Stylish safety

French balconies is a stylish and functional architectural solution that adds charm and space to any building. They are characterized by a unique design consisting of large, wide-opening windows or balcony doors with a safety barrier on the outside. Thanks to this, users can enjoy fresh air and the view outside while maintaining complete safety.


Our French balconies are glass screens mounted in uniform window structures on the outside. French balconies act as balustrades (safety issues), and are also increasingly used as a form of building decoration.

Only safe VSG/ESG glass is used for their production, both tempered and laminated.

The Bertrand company offers four types of such thicknesses in its solutions:
• 10.18 mm (55.2)
• 12.8 mm (66.2)
• 16.8 mm (88.2)
• 20.8 mm (1010.2)

The glass package mounted in aluminum guides has solutions that enable installation directly into a properly prepared PVC, aluminum or wood frame.


French balconies are ideal for various types of buildings, including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Single-family houses
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Public buildings

Product French balconies comes in the following versions

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