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MB 78


BERTRAND's offer includes a solution for transparent fire walls, i.e. the so-called "muntinless walls" based on the MB-78EI system. It allows the construction of internal partitions without visible vertical profiles separating individual wall modules, while maintaining its full fire resistance.

Fire resistance class

EI30 and EI60

  1. The solution was developed and tested at ITB in two fire resistance classes: EI30 and EI60
  2. The gap width between the modules is only 4 mm
  3. Maximum widths of glass modules 1.5 m (with a maximum height of 3.6 m) and 1.8 m (with a maximum height of 3.0 mm)
  4. There is no limit to the maximum length of the wall

The gap between the glass panes is only 4 mm and is filled with fire-resistant intumescent material and non-flammable silicone. Silicone is available in three colors (black, gray or white).

Fire-resistant partitions made in this way can be up to 3.6 m high and the width of the modules can be up to 1.5 m. Fire tests carried out at the Institute of Building Technology (ITB) included a model of the partition with the so-called free edge, so there is no limit to the maximum length of this type of walls.

The MB-78EI mullionless wall system allows you to freely design and construct very large internal surfaces of partition walls. Thanks to transparent modules, structures made of this system allow the interior of the building to be optically enlarged. At the same time, the system ensures safety by organizing fire zones in buildings and ensuring appropriate conditions for the evacuation of people.


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