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MB 79N


MB 79N SI is a modern window and door system. It was introduced to meet the increased thermal insulation requirements. It is used to make structures including: fixed windows, casement windows, tilt windows, tilt-and-turn windows, tilt-and-slide windows, as well as single- and double-leaf external doors and showcase solutions with doors. MB-79N SI is the variant with the best thermal insulation, with profiles equipped with insulating inserts and a two-component central gasket.



0.64 W/(m²K)



Anti-burglary class

from RC1 to RC3

  1. Modern design, simple contours.
  2. Depth 79 mm (window sash)
  3. Depth 70 mm (frame and door leaf).
  4. Thermal breaks made of innovative material.
  5. Very good kinematics.
  6. Possibility of using hidden fittings (no visible hinges).
  7. Possibility of making anti-burglary doors in classes RC1 - RC3 and panel doors.
  8. Double- or triple-glazed glass with a thickness of up to 63 mm for windows and up to 54 mm for doors.

MB79N window: A combination of style and warmth

Bring harmony of elegance and energy efficiency to your home. The best thermal insulation combined with modern design that meets the needs of each project. Exactly that MB 79N SI, an aluminum system in which any window and door structures can be made.

Elegance and Aesthetics

The MB79N window was designed with contemporary trends in architecture and design in mind. Its minimalist form fits perfectly with various interior styles, adding subtle charm and a refined character. Thanks to careful workmanship and high-quality materials, this window not only attracts attention, but also guarantees durability for many years.


Energetic efficiency

What distinguishes the MB79N window from others is its excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and high-quality insulating materials, this window provides excellent protection against heat loss, which translates into a significant reduction in heating bills. Additionally, thanks to precise fit and tight installation, the risk of drafts and unwanted heat losses is minimized, ensuring a pleasant microclimate in every room all year round.


Choose Window MB79N for Comfort and Style

If you are looking for a window that will not only be aesthetic, but also functional and energy-saving, the MB79N window is an excellent choice. Thanks to it, you can enjoy not only a beautiful view outside the window, but also thermal comfort and savings on energy bills. Invest in quality and choose the MB79N window today!


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