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MB 79N US (Hidden wing)

System MB79N US is an economical and functional solution that allows you to achieve a uniform appearance of the facade thanks to invisible window sashes and the possibility of using various types of rebates. Provides high thermal and acoustic insulation and tightness.

  1. Structural depth of window sections: 70 mm (frame), 79 mm (sash).
  2. 3 chambers
  3. Thermal breaks 33.5 or 36 mm wide
  4. 3 variants of thermal insulation
  5. High tightness against water and air infiltration
  6. Maximum dimensions of window sashes: Hs max = 2.7 m, Ls max = 1.7 m.

System MB79N US is not only an economical and functional solution, but also meets all technical requirements. It enables the production of windows whose sashes are invisible from the outside.

In the case of adjacent fixed and opening windows, it is impossible to distinguish their position, which leads to a uniform appearance of the building façade regardless of the function of individual windows. System MB79N US has been carefully developed and offers two rebated versions: with a type A frame, which partially covers the sash, and with a type B frame, which completely covers it, perfectly imitating fixed windows.

The external surfaces of the glass in opening and fixed windows lie on one plane, which ensures a consistent appearance. Thanks to a special adaptive profile, it is possible to use frames and battens from the basic system in windows with a hidden sash. MB79N.

System MB79N US enables the production of large and heavy windows while maintaining high thermal and acoustic insulation as well as water and air tightness, which meets the requirements for energy saving and environmental protection.

Product MB 79N US (Hidden wing) comes in the following versions

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