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Screen blinds

A functional and aesthetic solution that prevents excessive exposure to light and heating of rooms. Available in several variants of mounting, operation, material transparency and color according to individual preferences.

  1. It allows you to shade the room
  2. Lowers the temperature inside the building
  3. Aesthetic appearance
  4. Easy to operate, use and maintain
  5. Possibility of using various opening variants
  6. Various color variants of the roller blind and the entire mechanism

Screen roller blinds are a solution against exposure to light and increasing the temperature inside rooms. When the sun's rays reach the roller blind's surface, some of them are reflected and the rest are absorbed and released. The material does not allow glaring light or UV rays to pass through, and thanks to its use, the temperature inside can be even several degrees lower than inside.

They are made of fiberglass coated with a PVC structure. Roller shutters together with the box and guides are mounted outside buildings. Flush-mounted boxes available in two sizes: 105 mm and 125 mm, adaptive (visible) in three sizes: 95 mm, 105 mm and 125 mm and variants:
• square (at an angle of 90°),
• with a bent head (at an angle of 45°)
• oval

The flush-mounted box allows you to hide more than half of the guide in the wall, which significantly affects not only the functional aspect, but also the visual aspect.

The maximum dimensions of the systems for both variants are up to 6 m wide and 5 m high. The total area cannot exceed 18 m². In the case of larger structures, it is possible to divide the roller shutter and use special posts.

Depending on the selected engine, the mechanism can be controlled using a wall button or wirelessly (via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). A version with a solar panel is also available, ensuring automatic charging of the mechanism, without the need to install additional elements.

Material with a zipper in the guides, making them more tight and resistant to external factors.

The solution is available in three variants:
• Basic (translucency 1, 3, 5 or 10%)
• Lunar (translucency 0%)
• Solar (translucency 3%)

The last two have the function of completely darkening the rooms and removing moisture.

Other advantages of this solution include easy assembly and disassembly, as well as service and maintenance, which requires a soft brush or sponge and clean water. When stubborn stains appear, you can use soap (without oils and fragrances) dissolved in water at a temperature of 20 - 40 ° C. The fabric should be cleaned taut and fully lowered so as not to damage the fibers, and then dried in the open air.

The roller shutter material, boxes and guides are available in many colors from the RAL palette. It is also possible to use different fabric colors on each side.

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