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A masterpiece in Luzin

Unusual and innovative projects are the domain of the Bertrand brand, resulting from over fifty years of experience in the industry. Such a project is the door decorating the entrance to the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Luzin. Everyone who has seen them must admit that they make a great impression. This masterpiece is thanks to our company's employees and the vision of the designer Dawid Kulon. It was in his head that the design was first created, and then the doors, which today are the real pride of the residents.

How did it come about that such doors were even created? – The idea was born in the head of the designer who was initially responsible for this project. The parish already had an idea in mind of what it expected. But the initial design mentioned above consisted of a few schematic lines, because the person initially involved in this process focused only on the arrangement and aesthetics. – says Dawid, who sort of "took over the baton".

What happened next? – I started analyzing and reworking this project. I took the drawing of the rosary that decorates the door and the stained glass window from the design of the above-mentioned architect, because I converted his design into a structure that could be assembled and attached. The main problem, with this weight, were the already mentioned hinges, because one leaf weighed about 235 kilograms. One wing!

The company we cooperated with helped us solve this problem SIMONSWERK GmbH. – The hinge, which is designed for the maximum weight, could be made in a variant with a larger amount of steel. We went for it. Currently, one wing is suspended on five hinges. All this to support the mentioned weight of the structure– explains our colleague.

Interestingly, his clients did not interfere with his work. – After drawing out the entire project, I submitted it for approval. He liked it. I heard: "Make it good." So I did it, and in addition to the main door, there were a few others in the church, duplicating the main pattern.

The project lasted over a year. When did David first see his work? – Actually, first on the computer in Autocad. And I had to imagine them live. I have to have the mind to imagine the effect of my work before it is created – says our friend. – I remember that when we put the doors in the hall, they made a great impression on the employees present that day. In the project, great credit should be given to our carpenters, technologist Mariusz, because their knowledge and the suggestions they gave me, for example, regarding how wide the elements should be or the method of fastening, were truly priceless. They are true professionals who have spent a lot of time in the industry and the vast experience they have gained has paid off.

In Luzin, all residents know who designed this masterpiece. The small town still looks at Bertrand's work with admiration. – When we were cleaning the church, people pointed at me and said that he was the one who designed those beautiful doors. In a small town, news travels at the speed of light. I feel proud, but I get much more satisfaction from the fact that I am convinced that I did a good job than from the fact that someone praises me for it. I have to like it first. And I know that if I like it, people will like it too.

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