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A showcase of contemporary architecture Made in Bertrand. Aluminum production hall from the perspective of the coordinator.

High-quality products are the hallmark of Bertrand. These include many aluminum solutions manufactured by experienced staff. We had the opportunity to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs not only of the production process, but above all of those behind it.

Mateusz Miotk is currently the coordinator aluminum production at Bertrand. His adventure with her began, trivially, 18 years ago. At that time, the production headquarters was still in Lubocino, near Krokowa. As our interlocutor points out, he wanted to work at Bertrand only for the holiday period. At first, window production was not his interest, but eventually he decided to take up the challenge.

– I was a fitter at the time. I worked there for 8 years, learning all the secrets of aluminum joinery under the supervision of one of the first managers, i.e. Ireneusz Myszke, who instilled in me a passion for aluminum, and Jarosław Uzarski - says our friend. – After that time, I became a foreman. When working in production, I was motivated primarily by the desire to develop and expand my knowledge, which has stayed with me to this day. So you could say that I have been on this holiday for 18 years. Over time, my duties also included cooperation with the Bertrand service center. It was the contact with the customer that showed me how important product quality is.

In the photo: Mateusz Miotk

Mateusz's favorite slogan about aluminum products is: “a showcase of contemporary architecture”.

– Interestingly, the correct form is joinery, not aluminum joinery, although this term has already been used – our colleague adds. – Aluminum has many advantages - it is the best material for creating large structures. It is characterized by lightness, strength, durability and the fact that it does not corrode.

Mateusz defines his function as: connector between production and the production preparation department. What she values most is the opportunity to work with people, and when it comes to Bertrand's favorite products, she looks at it from a broader perspective.

– I am most pleased when I see that our products fit perfectly into the shape of the building - underlines. – It does not matter their size or type, but the process - the architect designed the whole thing in a thoughtful way, we made the dedicated elements well and everything looks great together.

From the very beginning of his work at Bertrand, Mateusz greatly appreciated the company's attention to... quality, which he also values in his private life. However, as he clearly emphasizes, people remain the most important. As he claims, it is not only thanks to the above-mentioned cooperation, but also good contact and relationshipsthat has been established, he has been working here for so many years and is motivated to develop.

In the photo: People forming the aluminum hall team

It was thanks to our friend's initiative that we managed to take the above photo:

– They are the ones who create production – all these people who assemble our doors and windows – says Mateusz Miotk. – We talk not only about business matters, but, when there is time, also about private matters. I know a lot about them, I try to understand their weaker days, they can come to me with any problem. I know that I work with a great team that trusts each other and is extremely helpful. Communication and mutual respect are, in my opinion, the key to success.

And here we can put a full stop. 

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