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People Bertrand – Meet Rafał

In our regular series #ludziebertrand, meet Rafał, our well-known and popular Team Leader of the Facility Sales Department.

How did you come to Bertrand?

It's actually from the street. It was 2018. All I knew about windows was that they opened, closed, and sometimes washed 😉. I had two job offers then. The first one from the site in Bertrand, the second one from the office in Gdańsk. The second job seemed better, so I first called the BB service, where I told the nice ladies that I was resigning. Later I called the office in Gdańsk and asked when we could meet. I heard that they would call me back. And so I was waiting for the phone until suddenly an unknown number called. It was Ania Koszałka, Sales Director at Bertrand. She said she had another proposition for me and if I would like to talk. I replied: You can always talk. And that's how it started.

What were those beginnings like?

I started as a junior estimator. I liked the topic itself, the technical mind found its place in this topic of windows and doors. Today, after almost six years, I am the Team Leader of the Facility Sales Department. It's also interesting, because when I became one, I was the youngest - both in terms of experience and age. But I am very grateful for Mrs. Ania's trust.

What is your job? As if you could describe it in a few words.

There's a lot of it. But in short: Coordination of the work of a team of cost estimators, substantive support in the field of valuations and preparation of orders, coordination of production orders in circulation, as well as cooperation with the Assembly Department.

What do you like about your job?

What I really appreciate about the company from the very beginning is the great atmosphere. We have a really nice, well-coordinated team in every field. What else is Bertrand's strength? I think I am an example of the fact that even if you come to our company off the street, but you are hardworking and committed from the very beginning, it will be appreciated and noticed. This was my case.

All right. And what are you actually like in private? What do you like doing?

I am hugely passionate about music. I love concerts and festivals, I can't wait for the next edition of Mystic Festival. I also have my own band adventures, I have played in various bands for many years. At the turn of autumn and winter 2022, together with a friend, we founded a band. There is also a cool story associated with the band. We were looking for a singer. And somehow it turned out that my friend from work, Sandra, is quite good at vocals. He laughs that if I didn't smoke cigarettes, I would never have known about it. We are slowly getting started, we gathered the full line-up, we called ourselves Aloes, we played our first concert, and now we are working on the album.

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