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When someone tells us that something is impossible, we do everything to show that it is completely different. The company's distinguishing feature Bertrand are unusual, technically difficult constructions, which we have already proven many times. Many of them are located far beyond the country's borders, while others are closer than you might think.

This is specifically about Sopot, where one of the really interesting projects is located – Smolna. This modern housing estate owes its unique appearance to, among others, solutions such as a large number of corner windows and specially milled facade boards incorporated into dark facades. They were also used in this investment Softline XL wooden windows, internal window sills and boards at the entrances to the building. As you can see in the photos, the whole thing looks extremely stylish and although matching all the elements was not an easy task, it was worth it.

Another interesting implementation using Bertrand products is located beyond our western border, more specifically - in... Hamburg. There, for the needs of one of the private estates, unique, wavy, wooden window frames were made in two colors (cream beige and green reed) and specially bent Viennese mullions together forming an oval shape. Also used in this project Windows in the Softline XL system were left.

In this short journey through the unique solutions created by our company, we now move across the ocean - to an American town Yonkers in New York State. The renovation of a historic building carried out there illustrates the answer to the question whether it is possible for each window to be different in some way during such a large undertaking. Each of them has a different one arc radius and was prepared based on an individual template, and finally incorporated into the brick structure of the wall. The window system used here is, as in the case of the two locations described above, Sofline XL. It is worth emphasizing that Bertand has prepared a dedicated project for this project brick molds, a solution used to mask the gap between the building wall and the window or door frame.

– This project is a perfect example of Bertrand's ability to handle highly challenging jobs. Starting from consultations with architects, through the sales department and technical advice, and then appropriate preparation of the production order due to many different arc radii based on templates provided by the client and time-efficient production planning - says Olaf Bertrand, director of export and marketing at Bertrand. – We assess the complexity of the order as very high due to the previously mentioned arch radii, which involved as many as 250 windows with a large number of mullions in each fixed and opening field. Nevertheless, we completed them in a short time and while maintaining the highest quality standards, which can be seen by looking at the smoothly polished wood and precisely made and glued Viennese bars.

This is not the end of the unique solutions that are the showcase of our company in the country and around the world. We will discuss more of them soon in our next publications.

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