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He has been an employee of Bertrand for over a dozen years. He was young, very ambitious, but without much experience. But he was given a chance by the company and he certainly took advantage of it. Today, Robert Zwara is a premium customer advisor who not only has extensive knowledge about products, but above all, recommends the brand he is associated with with a clear conscience. From the conversation with our colleague, you will learn not only what products Bertrand values the most, but also why buying a window can be an investment for years. We cordially invite you! 

How did you come to Bertrand?

I have been working for the company for fourteen years. My first job in another company was actually supposed to be temporary, I wanted to work there only during the holidays. However, it turned out that I stayed there for two years. However, due to various turmoil resulting from the previous economic crisis, I decided to change the environment. It was a good moment for reflection. I decided that I would like to do something more, more ambitious. While still in my previous company, I gave up full-time studies in favor of part-time studies and I thought that in such a situation I could look for something other than just physical work. I researched companies located in this area, then sent my CV to Bertrand. Soon I met Mr. Krzysztof Bertrand and... I got a chance. Even more valuable to me because at that time I was just studying and had no major experience as a salesperson. It turned out to be a good decision, because I felt fulfilled somewhere, since I have been here for the above-mentioned fourteen years. I started as a sales department employee, then I was a technical and commercial advisor, and now I am a premium customer advisor. In my daily work, we handle various investments, which is both challenging and simply interesting.

How have these fourteen years been for you?

Oh, quickly. To be honest, I've even been wondering about this recently. And when I quickly calculated that so many years had passed, I was truly surprised that so much time had passed so quickly at Bertrand. My team and I even looked through old photos and I noticed how much I had changed visually during this time. I wasn't even aware of it! However, the work of a salesperson is quite dynamic - a lot of contacts, meetings, the days fly by very quickly, so maybe that's why I didn't pay attention before that time is moving so fast.

I assume that when you came to Bertrand as a young person, you probably didn't expect that you would spend so much time here. Why have you been associated with the brand for so many years?

Actually, I didn't think in these terms. But I am also ambitious, maybe not entirely modest, but - let me emphasize - ambitious, so from the very beginning I wanted to give as much as possible. I knew that I was a new person, with no experience, but at the same time I was happy that I was given the opportunity to learn about the industry and profession. Back then, I thought I would work for some time, learn something new, gain experience and move on. And why did I stay? Not only because of the challenges, but also certainly because of the atmosphere in our team. Over the years, I have managed to build really nice relationships with my co-workers. And above all, the work itself is very varied and interesting. I really like working with clients, I also like organizing my own tasks, servicing clients, or finding solutions for them, tailoring the offer to their expectations, or sometimes being, let's say, an architect, because after all, you create something for the clients, he suggests. And then you get separate satisfaction from watching the fruits of your work when the client has a fully built house, when you can see the satisfaction and smile on his face, when you realize that your work has translated into the fulfillment of his dream, which is undoubtedly a house or an apartment. This is undoubtedly satisfying and motivating.

Is there any project that you are particularly proud of, or is it difficult for you to choose one specific one?

Oh, it's hard to choose one, because the rush of work is so great that it's hard to remember what happened a year ago, half a year ago, not to mention what we did a few years ago. I would rather consider this question from the angle of which of the projects I like the most or suits my taste and the way my house is decorated. Personally, instead of a modern style, I prefer a more classic style with glamorous elements. Therefore, the projects that suit me best are those with wooden joinery and decorative elements. I am certainly proud of these works, but there are so many of them, and they are all so beautiful and unique in their own way, that I cannot choose one in particular. Although I would create my dream house by drawing a little from each of them, haha.

Do you have any favorite Bertrand products over the years of working for the company?

Personally, I like wooden and wooden-aluminum windows the most. Why? Because of their nobility, design and timelessness. Generally, however, I believe that all Bertrand products are created in such a way that they not only look beautiful, but also work and function for many years. Our clients often come back to us, often their children or even grandchildren. They come back because they have a deeply rooted belief that they are buying doors or windows for years. And even if we are not a company that competes on price on the market, we offer a product that will serve the customer for many years. And what I like about our products is that they are not designed just to be created, and their greatest distinguishing feature will be the low price, but greater emphasis is placed on the appropriate quality. Our products are intended to build the marketing of the Bertrand brand on their own.

So, in other words, Bertrand products do not need to advertise?

Theoretically yes... But I will say it differently. It has long been known that one of the most effective forms of marketing, if not the most effective, is word of mouth marketing. The Bertrand brand is based largely on recommendations. I'll tell you more. Each of our company's salespeople sold windows manufactured by Bertrand to their family. I personally couldn't sell a product to someone if I thought it was defective or of low quality. Many of our clients come to us through recommendations. These are customers who have a lot of trust in us, because either they already have our windows, or one of their friends has our products at home and is satisfied. Do we need to advertise our products? You always have to, regardless of the mentioned word-of-mouth marketing. Even the largest companies and brands spend a lot of money on marketing and try to show their products everywhere. However, it should be remembered that a window is not a product of the type that would gain cult status. This is not just any phone...

On the other hand, as you said, it is a product that will last for years.

Of course. Therefore, when advising our clients, we always try to make them aware that buying a window is actually an investment. It is not just another thing, like a table or the color of the walls, which can be easily changed later. To replace a window, you have to spend a lot of money and make a big mess in your house. Replacing a window, unlike replacing a chair or a sofa that we bought cheaper somewhere, involves a whole lot of things, often problems, because an uncomfortable sofa is easier to replace than a leaky window.

We have clients who decided to choose another company after the first contact and our dedicated offer, taking into account the price. Of course they have every right to do so. However, after five years, we replace our competitors' windows with ours. I have a client who, every two years, when renovating another room, orders windows from me and replaces them with Bertrand ones. And I still remember that five years earlier I made an offer for him and he didn't decide. Does the customer regret it? He regrets it and admits that Bertrand windows are actually better.

You said that almost every Bertrand salesperson sold our company's windows to his family. I take it you do too?

Of course. In my previous house I had interior doors and skirting boards from Bertrand, and windows and blinds in my current one. My parents and mothers-in-law also have Bertrand products. Moreover, most of my friends and acquaintances have our windows and I can confidently admit that they are happy with this choice. With one of my friends, apart from our private relationships, we also cooperate in business. We have already completed several investments, and recently we installed windows in his new house. Every time we talk about windows, he emphasizes that he would not recommend any other company - that he has never been disappointed and he knows he can trust us.

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