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Angels from Bertrand saved the woman

A week ago, dramatic events took place in the tiny town of Borków. During a Bertrand service visit, an elderly woman suddenly fell to the floor. Fortunately, two of our employees, Dariusz and Jurij, kept their cool and immediately rushed to save human lives. They resuscitated the old woman for forty minutes until the ambulance arrived. – It was thanks to you that she survived – said the doctor later. 

– My angels have arrived! – this is how the rescued woman greets our boys. All in all, it's hardly surprising - they did the most important job possible. 

– It happened suddenly – says Darek. Like "Jurek", he is a bit flustered by the whole situation. The guys didn't want publicity, in fact they asked for discretion. They told their boss, Mirek, that "something happened" during the service work. That the lady fell and they helped her. Not a word about the fact that they resuscitated the woman for 40 minutes, and at one point she stopped breathing altogether. She was already in that world. And yet, at that time, the client's seven-year-old granddaughter was at home. Imagine the additional pressure our employees faced. And they did it. 

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