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A dream with Bertrand in the background

Everyone has some dreams. Smaller or larger. The shared dream of our client and his wife was a unique house. They had a vision of what shape it was supposed to take and where it was supposed to be located, but... they still needed products. And that's when they came across the Bertrand company.

Building a house is a big investment and an equally big project. In this situation, nothing can be left to chance. We are not obliged to know all the products we need to make this dream come true, so we often rely on the experience and knowledge of specialists. And here a young couple from Wejherowo was exceptionally lucky. Why?

Because they came under the wing of our Premium Customer Advisor, Robert. He is a man who has been working in our company for sixteen years. The guy knows our products like the back of his hand. But above all, in addition to extensive knowledge, he also has a large dose of empathy and great taste. Robert is a professional who first got to know his clients' expectations very carefully and then took action. Effect? Truly stunning.

The house, which is literally a stone's throw away from our company, includes: plastic windows in the combi system plus, compulsorily equipped with an additional anti-theft fin. The idea was for our customers to have a complete sense of security, and the windows in this system are really difficult to force. It is not without reason that these products are recommended by the Police Association in Germany.

Additionally, they add style and elegance Smoovio sliding doors, which offer an absolutely beautiful view of the city skyline. Additionally, our clients decided to aluminum doors with double-sided overlay and a special button and a garage door. It was a truly comprehensive service, but - most importantly - it was implemented in line with the expectations of our clients. Their opinion and perspective on the end result was crucial here.

– It's exactly as we imagined – they say in unison, which is a great reward for both Robert and our company. See for yourself! 

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