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How do our clients decorate their windows?

Decorating a windowsill is a great opportunity to express your style and add an individual character to the interior. It is extremely important that the decorations are consistent with the rest of the room's design and do not overwhelm the space. Appropriate decor will make your interior cozy, lively and highlight your personal character!

Below we present some ideas on how to decorate your windows and photos that may be a guide or inspiration for you when you are thinking about what to put on the windowsills in your home.

  • Potted plants

A classic of the genre and definitely the most common decoration for a Polish window sill. When it comes to the type or size of plants, it is always an individual matter. Small succulents, cacti, orchids, ferns or kitchen herbs, even the smallest plant placed right next to the window will add freshness and life to any room.

  • Candles and lanterns

Candles in elegant candlesticks or small lanterns are a slightly different decoration, but also one that can add some warmth and coziness.

  • Decorative books

A few carefully selected books with interesting covers can completely change the character of a room.

  • Frames with photos

Just like flowers and potted plants - also classics of the genre. The most common are family photos, but there are also artistic photographs or inspiring quotes in beautiful frames in our clients' homes.

  • Figurines and sculptures

Small decorative figurines, sculptures or collectibles, or souvenirs from more or less distant journeys. They can add some character or exoticism to the room.

  • Baskets and boxes

Decorative baskets or boxes can be used to store small items and add an organized look.

  • Vases with flowers

Fresh or artificial flowers in elegant vases. They can also be branches, dried grass or leaves.

  • Decorative lamps

Small LED lights, string lights or cotton ball lights.

  • Decorative bowls and trays

Bowls of fruit, trays with decorations such as candles, stones and shells.

  • Pillows and pads

Soft pillows or decorative placemats can add color and texture.

  • Miniature gardens

Small sets for growing bonsai, miniature gardens in glass vessels (terrariums).

  • Decorative glass

Colorful bottles, carafes, glass balls and other decorative glass items.

  • Fabrics and curtains

Short curtains, pelmets or decorative fabrics hung around the windowsill.

  • Thematic collections

Thematic collections such as travel shells, gemstones, animal figurines.

  • Seasonal decorations

Holiday decorations that change depending on the season (e.g. autumn leaves, winter Christmas decorations, spring flowers).

As you can see, there are quite a lot of possibilities when it comes to decorating a windowsill. The scope for action here is really wide and perhaps you can think of a solution that we or our clients haven't thought of. We are very curious what we would notice on your windowsills if we ever had the opportunity to visit. Who knows, maybe one day there will be such an opportunity?

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