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Among the solutions we offer, mullion-and-transom facades in the MB-TT50 system are extremely popular. Why? Because it uses an innovative approach both in terms of the construction of profiles and accessories responsible for tightness, as well as assembly technology. Therefore, aluminum facades in the MB-TT50 system are characterized by some of the best parameters on the market, meeting even the highest requirements set by passive construction.

  1. The surface of the frame and sash is flush from the outside
  2. Wooden-aluminum system with three depths: Standard, XL, MAX
  3. A wide range of wood species
  4. 3 seal lines
  5. Double or triple glazing

The MB-TT50 building system represents a modern approach to the construction of curtain walls, meeting the growing requirements placed on current systems of this type. It is distinguished by a number of unique features, both architectural and functional.

Its high thermal insulation is a key advantage, enabling the implementation of projects focusing on the energy efficiency of buildings.

The supporting structure is based on vertical and horizontal box-section profiles, appropriately connected to each other using accessories that perform connecting and sealing functions. The flexibility of the system allows for installation in a traditional mullion and transom arrangement, as well as in a more optimized transom arrangement.

The windows are supported by pressure strips, and the external side of the façade is made of masking strips of various shapes. The wall is connected to the object using a system of brackets with appropriate load-bearing properties and purpose.

Product MB TT50 comes in the following versions

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