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Unusual projects and implementations

Creating a good and beautiful-looking window or a solid and beautiful-looking door is, contrary to appearances, not that simple. However, you will find thousands of companies that can do it well.

But creating a unique product, with unusual sizes or irregular shapes, is an art that only a few companies have mastered. One of them is Bertrand, who is famous not only in her own country for taking on challenges that even global giants are not willing to take on.

It may sound immodest, but we're really good at it. Besides, there is a saying on the Polish joinery market that says a lot. It reads: If Bertrand can't do something, it means no one will.

Fortunately, this doesn't happen often. Because Bertrand constantly takes up the challenge, implementing new unique projects of varying degrees of complexity. Here are some examples.

A huge glass facade that decorates one of the buildings located in the heart of beautiful Gdynia. If you ever have the opportunity to come to the Polish seaside - which, of course, we wish you and cordially invite you - when you walk the streets of Gdynia, the facade designed and installed by Bertrand specialists, visible from afar, will certainly attract your attention.

Weighing over five hundred kilograms, large doors to the church in Luzin, made according to my own design. Designed by a technologist from our company, today they are the real pride and showcase of the city where our company comes from. In Luzin, everyone knows perfectly well who made these beautiful doors. You won't find others like this not only in Poland, but in the whole world!

A wooden window that is an imitation of double simulated hang? No problem! We showed this product at the fair in Las Vegas and next to the heating window, which won one of the awards, it was an equally highly complimented product.

Recently we had two interesting orders. The first - a triangular, wooden window with mullions, which is part of an order of over twenty products. Interestingly, each of these windows was slightly different from each other.

The second order came from sunny and beautiful Greece. The client dreamed of a wooden window in the style that can be seen on the charming island of Santorini. So what? Let's get to work!

Or an order like this - the client asked for a special door to be made for... a horse. Yes, you read that right. He was looking for a company that would take on such an order for a long time and finally - after a bit of a round - he found Bertrand. He didn't expect miracles, just an answer like: "No, we don't do such things." How surprised he was when he heard a question on the phone: - First of all, please tell me what dimensions these doors would have? – And then it just went downhill from there.

Fifty-five years of experience have allowed us to gain extensive knowledge about creating high-quality, various products. Therefore, without false modesty, we can write that we are true masters in making unique, unusual products.

If you dream of a window or door made especially for you, if you are wondering who can make such a dream come true, you don't have to look any longer. Remember that we are masters of special tasks!

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