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We have already presented projects using Bertrand products located in Gdańsk and Gdynia, now it's time for the next, last city included in it Tricity metropolis – Sopot. The map of this well-known and eagerly visited tourist town contains many structures that were built many years ago but are still eye-catching, as well as modern buildings, primarily residential ones. Let's look at a few of them.

We will start from a place located near the famous pier - Spa House. This facility includes stylish wooden and aluminum windows from the line Alutrend Linearaluminum facades, and Alutrend windows plugged into these typically aluminum. The whole thing creates a really beautiful effect that not only decorates this location but also a very recognizable element of the city. 

To find more Bertrand products All you have to do is literally turn around and look at the nearby, gathering place catering establishments or services Haffner Center, where used aluminum doorswindows and facades

Moving up the known “Monciaka” you can find two tasteful ones eating places, whose design is complemented by the products Bertrand. The first one is a restaurant Semper Pizza&Vino, where, among others, were incorporated wooden entrance door Whether wooden windows (pine) Softline 68 Prestige With decorative elements and mullions stickers. 

The next place mentioned is Sopot City Brewery, a place where you can see wooden windows (also pine) Strongline 92 Retro with decorations and glued muntins. Additionally, the glass that was used in this project is anti-burglary.

We stay in the atmosphere of gastronomy and move to Restaurant 1911. There you can find products from the range aluminum, including: among others doorMB-86 FOLD LINE HD folding doors and windows MB-86. These solutions are definitely the newest of those mentioned above - our team installed the "harmonicas" just this summer.

At the beginning of the text we announced residential buildings, so we do not remain silent. Below we present two modern and stylish locations - in the very center, right next to... “Monciaku”, and located a little further from it. Let's start with the first one mentioned, where it was created winter garden MB-78 EI NHI+and the entrance door was installed MB 86 SIfacade MB SR50N and window systems MB 79N SI. This building, like the restaurant mentioned above, also underwent a small metamorphosis in the summer, the effect of which, as you can see, is delightful.

Next project – Smolna – created using a large number of corner windows and specially milled facade boards, Softline XL wooden windows and internal window sills offered by Bertrand company. These solutions, as the photos below show, fit perfectly with the dark façade, creating an eye-catching effect. 

This is the end of our virtual tour of projects in Tricity, but if you are curious about others, also located outside this area, please visit ours social media

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