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Stability with dry static glazing

In the era of dynamic technological development, many industries constantly implement new, effective solutions. Business Bertrand is a perfect example of this. To be able to consistently ensure the highest possible quality, we use various prestigious technologies. One of them is static dry glazing, which involves: connecting the leaf profile and glass by double-sided adhesive tape. This is a standard for us in the implementation of products dedicated to American market.

What are the advantages this method? First of all, increased stability resulting from the assembly process itself - when the glass is glued to the profile, it becomes a static element. This allows you to create PVC construction about larger dimensions, as well as strengthening the stiffness of the structure arched and diagonal.

– Dry static glazing, unlike standard glazing, allows the glazing unit to be enlarged by 2 mm - says Tomasz Budnik, chief technologist of PVC joinery at Bertrand. – In structures up to a certain size, when using tape, steel sashes can be omitted, which directly translates into improved thermal coefficient while reducing the cost of the window. Also important is the fact that it can thus reduce its weight.

Additionally, products made with this method are characterized by: less need for adjustments – due to the fact that the glazing unit is one with the sash, it does not fall under the weight of the glass and does not change its shape over the years. There are also such solutions virtually failure-free and constitute an investment for years.

Technology dry static glazing that's better too thermal parameters due to the presence of additionally sealing tape and anti-burglary protection – glass installed in this way is more difficult to break. It is worth emphasizing that its replacement is still possible possible, there is no need to dismantle the entire wing.

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