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The warmth of wood with the reliability of aluminum. Get to know Synergic

When choosing windows for your home or investment, you should take into account many important factors. By choosing the solutions offered by the company Bertrand you can be sure that durability and security are standard, the rest is a matter of the customer's taste and preferences. 

The solutions included in our offer include one that combines not only the above-mentioned features, but above all modern design with classics. Talking about Synergic, windows wood and aluminum about elegant, narrow profile with a hidden wing that meets with interest and recognition among others. Customers from abroad.

– This system is dedicated to modern architecture, dominated by cubist, angular shapes and maximized glass surfaces in buildings, which are designed to perfectly illuminate the rooms, provide unobstructed views and allow you to be closer to nature – underlines Olaf Bertrand, director of marketing and export in the company Bertrand. – It is most often chosen by customers building new houses who value the already mentioned modernity, but still consider wood to be one of the best materials due to its durability, appearance, natural character and its stiffness, which allows the creation of structures with significant dimensions. In Synergic windows, wood is visible only from the inside of the building. We can give it an appropriate covering color, as in the case of aluminum windows, a brushed wood texture, or paint it azure or transparent, which highlights the beauty of natural wood. The aluminum overlay ensures that the windows are durable for years and does not require any special maintenance. Its colors can also be individually matched in the entire range of RAL, Tiger or NCS colors.

Your aesthetics Synergic thanks to the larger glass surface than in the case of competitive windows wood and aluminum. This is exceptionally possible low frame assembly and the wings it has in total 90mm which means that there are as many as 33% lower than in other wooden-aluminum windows. Additionally, the system Synergic, because of hidden wing from the outside, allows you to cover the window frames almost completely. In such a case, only the glass and any mullions are visible, which, thanks to the hidden sash, windows opened from the outside look the same as Fix windows. The customer decides how he would like to install the windows and the extent to which the frame will be visible from the outside depends on it. Thanks to the windows Synergic maximum amount can reach the rooms lights, and the amount of natural heat in the room increases.

This technology is also characterized by such aspects as: unique durability and security (burglary resistance class RC2), achieved thanks to an advanced method of gluing glass packages in combination with special fittings. They affect not only the resistance of the structure, but also thermal and aesthetic values, comfort of use and ease of care. Window frames made of thick wood contribute to durability 90mm and an aluminum cover providing protection against weather conditions (the highest class of waterproofness, air permeability, wind resistance). 

– In this technology, we can use really large window panes, as well as create dedicated HST Panorama lift-and-slide wooden and aluminum doors - emphasizes Olaf Bertrand. – They are characterized by glazing in a frame in a permanent field, and the glass surface starts practically from the threshold. HS Panorama also has a much narrower mullion than in the case of standard wooden and aluminum HST doors.

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