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Visit at least half the continent. Our friend with a passion for traveling

In their daily work, they operate in many areas, ensuring that the brand's products are maintained Bertrand were known and appreciated, "after hours" they pursue their sometimes truly unique interests. Our employees have various interesting passions, which we learn about, among others, by creating our series #peoplebertrand or just talking. This is what happened to our colleague from the PVC hall, who, as he proves on his social media, can say a lot about different corners of our continent.

Sergei has been part of the Bertrand company since over 5 years. This is his first, and as he points out, he hopes, last professional job. He really likes his job, which includes, among others: preparing individual ones PVC profiles and entire deliveries, checking product quality, organizing them, shipping and more. He also appreciates the good atmosphere and contacts he made during his adventure with our company. In his free time, after work, he likes to play sports, especially going to the gym.

All this happens during the week, and on weekends Sergei devotes himself to his passion travels. And these are definitely the big ones - they go to various places outside Poland. All this is a way to make our friend's dream come true, which is to at least visit half of Europe. And we can safely say that he is on a very good path towards this - he has already been, among others, in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria. And he definitely doesn't intend to stop there.

– I try to go somewhere almost every weekend, I like visiting new places – he says. – Recently I was in a town called Zgorzelec on the Polish side and Görlitz on the German side. I really liked it, it's a fantastic combination of the cultures of two countries.

As he admits, sometimes ideas for further goals appear spontaneously, he does not plan "ahead", but rather in the perspective of about a month. All expeditions Sergei organizes independently - looks for necessary information on the Internet. He doesn't pay much attention to the means of transport or accommodation - what matters most to him is to visit as much as possible and get to know the climate and culture of a given place.

A travel dream Sergei Is Iceland, the capital of Reykjavik, but also the country's natural resources. When asked about the place he would like to return to in the future, he mentions the city of Trondheim in Norway.

– There is a completely different mentality there than in our Slavic countries – he says. – People have different priorities, even if they are rich – they don't like to show it. They can wear plain, modest clothes but use the latest model of headphones. It's the same with buildings - they may seem old from the outside, but inside they will be very modern.

You can follow Sergei's travels here

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