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When looking for windows or doors, we want to have a guarantee that the product will serve us for many years. So how can we make sure that the windows offered by the seller will be reliable? Before choosing joinery, it is worth getting acquainted with the company's successes, the history of the brand and the certificates that have been awarded for the windows of a given manufacturer.

Experience is a guarantee of industry knowledge

Years of experience regardless of the field make us specialists. It is not without reason that we say that practice makes perfect. In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon. It was the beginning of man's dreams of conquering space on a large scale. Half a century later, man sends probes to distant galaxies, explores the surfaces of other planets and plans an expedition to Mars. Why is long-term history so important? The number of trips into space, or the number of installed ones windows and door, translate into specialized knowledge. Therefore, before purchasing, it is worth asking yourself whether we want to trust you our safety and comfort a company with extensive experience or a company that is just learning from its mistakes.

Ambitious projects – a challenge only for the best

Architects often surprise window manufacturers with their designs. Non-standard structures, large-size windows and historic buildings - these are challenges only for some manufacturers. Unique projects require full employee commitment, modern technologies and experience in similar projects. So far realizations they can be a clue for us. Let's check whether the manufacturer boasts about photos of its windows and doors. Let us remember that the best architects use solutions from the best manufacturers.  

Rest assured about the quality of the product

Another way to check the reliability of the products offered is to familiarize yourself with the certificates and awards held by the manufacturer. Do you want to be sure about the thermal insulation of your window? Passivhaus certificate is issued only for windows with the highest energy-saving standards. The window is certified in class RC 2? Be calm about the safety of yourself and your loved ones. In the window industry, certificates are one of the most important pieces of information for the buyer. You don't have to trust a seller who describes his windows in beautiful words. Certificates are a fact, direct confirmation of the high quality of the windows.  

The certificates contain important technical information about the windows.

Many years of tradition of the highest quality

Our volleyball players owe their two-time world championship to hard work, a combination of youth and experience and consistent work in training. Many years of preparation resulted in an excellent game, which resulted in gold medals. Also for awards in the window industry you have to work for years. The use of cutting-edge technologies, introduction of innovations and an experienced team of employees contribute to the highest quality. Each of us would like to spend more time choosing a window design. No worries about the safety and comfort of using windows allows you to save time, which is invaluable when building a house. We don't have to wonder whether the window will be tight after a few months or whether it will protect us against cold wind or burglar attacks.

Choose proven solutions

Let us remember that certificates and awards do not only decorate the walls in manufacturers' showrooms. This is important information that tells us about the quality of the windows and doors produced. Each of us wants to be sure that our windows and doors will be reliable, so it is worth trusting companies for which the quality of windows and doors is the most important.

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