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Advanced technology for long-lasting effect. Get to know Acrylcolor®

Technology acrylcolor® that's over 40 years of regular development a unique surface coloring method. Thanks to it, window finishes meet the highest technical and operational requirements. How it's working? During coetrusion, i.e. the process of combining different layers into one, a base of white PVC and colored acrylic glass is fused. The resulting surface of acrylcolor® profiles provides long-lasting protection for plastic windows. The BERTRAND company has been conducting mutually satisfactory cooperation with the GEALAN brand for many years, jointly implementing high-class solutions.

What are the other advantages of this method? Primarily wide color palette obtained by combining the acrylcolor coating with hard PVC, thus adding color without spraying, and in the long run - without chipping or peeling of the paint. Due to the acrylic glass used (used, among others, in the production of car lamps), the colors are very permanently and fade resistant, and additionally, thanks to the uniform, smooth, satin surface that prevents dust from accumulating, the profiles easy to keep clean. This is an excellent option for houses built in areas with a hot climate. Profiles finished with the acrylcolor method do not heat up as much as those made of PVC, aluminum or covered with foil, which makes them less susceptible to damage resulting from, among others, That constant exposure to the sun, atmospheric factors or the passage of time. Scratches from their surface can be removed in just a moment using Mirlon cleaning cloth and a little water. 

acrylcolor® profiles are used in various systems and in all construction depths. They can be part of both modern buildings as well as those about long history. Additionally, systems are created with the following in mind: requirements of individual countries, including, among others: the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain. 

acrylcolor® technology enjoys great trust among window manufacturers, investors and architects. Since the beginning of 2000, more than 80 million meters profiles, 49 of them in Germany alone. The coetrusion method is constantly being improved, new tools are constantly being developed, and research and development work on material compositions is ongoing.

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