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Is the increased interest in terrace systems in single-family buildings a fashionable trend or the right direction in construction development? How to choose the right patio doors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of large glazing? We will explain which doors to choose for your home.

Appreciate the advantages of large glazing

Large glazing brings more light into the room, allows you to enjoy the beautiful view outside the window and gives an optical sense of larger space. 

Another advantage of using terrace systems is the interpenetration of the house and garden surfaces, which on clear days creates the opportunity to commune with nature without leaving the room.

Glazing with non-standard dimensions is also a showcase of modern structures. Modern energy-saving technology allows the use of glazing that ensures a heat transfer coefficient at a level that guarantees good thermal insulation.

Among the concerns that we observe among our clients, the main concern is the issue of rooms heating up on hot days. However, the solution to this problem are internal and external roller blinds, which BERTRAND has in its offer. offer. However, in winter we will appreciate every moment with sunlight.


Terrace systems at BERTRAND

BERTRAND's offer includes terrace and balcony systems made of wood, PVC, aluminum and wood-aluminum. As with all of our products, also in these systems we guarantee safety and comfort of use, which is a key issue in the case of glazing with above-standard dimensions.  

The offer of BERTRAND terrace systems we divide into:

Lift and slide doors (HST)

 The greatest advantage of the lifting and sliding door system is the fact that it can be used on large areas (up to several meters), which allows for unlimited use of the HST system in single-family houses.

The features of this system are:

  • large surfaces,
  • complete freedom in arranging the space,
  • the leaf moves parallel to the guide,
  • low threshold (fixed leaf glazing to floor level)

Tilt and slide doors (PSK)

Tilt and slide doors offer smaller space options compared to HST. However, the use of the PSK system is more cost-effective for the customer for whom large-size glazing is not a priority.

The PSK door system is distinguished by:

  • possibility of repeal,
  • individually selected colors,
  • any material

Accordion doors

 Folding doors are a solution for people who want to completely open their house to the garden.

This system enables:

  • creating a wide passage,
  • a structure up to several meters long, which allows you to open the house to the garden,
  • use of various technologies (aluminium, PVC, wood).



Artline system is distinguished by a very narrow frame and high thermal insulation parameters (U index).In=0.85 W/m2K). Artline achieves the best performance parameters, which makes it stand out in the BERTRAND company's offer.

Artline system characterized by:

  • very narrow frame at the junction of the wings,
  • high thermal insulation parameters,
  • light and harmonious appearance.

Think about glazing at the design stage

It is very important to take terrace systems into account at the building design stage. Unfortunately, customers often forget how important it is to include terrace systems in the initial phase of construction. At a later stage of construction, this extends the implementation time and exposes the client to costs related to adapting the building to systems with large glazing.

Individual approach to client

When choosing the right terrace system, an individual approach to the client is important. BERTRAND's advisors know the technical possibilities of each solution and have many years of experience in selecting windows and doors for the client.

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