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INFRATHERM provides heat flowing from the glass, improving thermal comfort inside the building. INFRATHERM is a modern heating solution that ensures thermal comfort inside rooms, eliminates drafts and the feeling of cold.




min. 300 x 500mm
max. 2200 x 3210 mm

Light transmittance (%)


Light reflection (%)


Sunshine factor (%)


  1. Saving space, greater freedom of interior design - no central heating installation
  2. Integrated, invisible heating system
  3. You will get rid of the cold wall effect
  4. Perfect solution for allergy sufferers - no dust movement
  5. Solution compatible with home automation systems
  6. Lower temperature needed to experience the same level of thermal comfort
  7. Safe protected and inaccessible heating coating
  8. Low energy consumption - reduced operating costs
  9. Can be used in all Bertrand products
  10. It solves the problem of water vapor condensation or snow on hard-to-reach surfaces
  11. 5 years manufacturer's warranty

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Window MB79N with Infratherm technology was the winner in the category Best Home Technology Product during the fair IBS 2024 in Las Vegas!


Windows Infratherm are electronically controlled insulated or laminated glass emitting heat.

Infratherm ensures glass transparency and thermal comfort inside buildings. Infratherm solves the problem of condensation of water vapor or snow on hard-to-reach surfaces.

Thanks to Infratherm, your windows will guarantee a comfortable temperature in all rooms.

No matter the climate, steam or snow won't obscure your outside views. The number of days with beautiful, natural daylight, which is so important for our health, will increase significantly. Our experts will advise you on how to make the most of it Infratherm in your homes.

Infratherm can be used as the main heating system or in combination with an existing one. Initially developed and used mainly in Scandinavian and cold climate countries, it is now implemented in most climate zones, especially in modern architecture, residential and commercial projects with large glazing. It is also an optimal solution for areas that are not constantly inhabited and require quick heating.

– Heating of residential buildings,
- Winter Gardens,
– Indoor swimming pools (heating and anti-condensation), hospitals, clinics, waiting rooms, rest homes (healthy, clean radiant heat, no air/dust movement),
– Restaurants (main heating and/or increased comfort near glazed areas),
- Offices.


Advantages of the Infratherm system:
– Invisible and transparent (same as high-performance insulating glass)
– Does not require additional space
– Easy to clean
– Maintenance-free
– Healthy thermal radiation
– Immediate feeling of comfort
– Eliminates the "cold wall" effect
– No condensation
– Constant and even temperature in the room
– No air movement/draft
– The same comfort at a lower (2 to 3°C) room/space temperature
– Better air quality
– Fast and effective heating
– High energy efficiency
– Excellent thermal insulation

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