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The MB-Slimline window system with a thermal break with high thermal insulation is used to make various types of inward-opening windows (casement, tilt, turn-and-tilt) and fixed windows, which are characterized by, apart from excellent thermal insulation, also very good acoustic insulation, water tightness and air and high structural strength.


0.8 W/(m²K)

Installation depth


  1. High tightness against water and air infiltration
  2. Good thermal insulation Uw from 0.8 W/(m2K)
  3. Wide glazing range up to 81 mm
  4. Structures adapted to various types of fittings
  5. Narrow profiles

The MB-Slimline window system, thanks to the very small width of aluminum profiles visible from the outside of the structure, allows the construction of window sashes in two variants - with visible or invisible profiles (SG) from the outside of the structure. The appearance of fixed and opening fields when invisible wings are used is almost identical. This system can also perfectly replace old-type windows made of steel profiles, providing a similar appearance when viewed from the outside of the building, while significantly increasing the thermal insulation of the partition.

cross-section through an opening window
cross-section through a fixed window
cross-section through an opening and fixed window
cross-section through an opening and fixed window

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