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Why did the client praise our advisor?

I guess every company, regardless of the industry, says that it makes the highest quality products. We are no exception here, although we have extensive experience and knowledge, as well as market recognition. But equally important is how customers see us. It is their opinion that "goes out into the world", it is their feelings that are often decisive. If the clients themselves are delighted with the end result of our service, there is no better proof of our professionalism.

Mr. Marcin dreamed of a house in Gdynia. He was looking for a company that would provide him with a comprehensive service. Ultimately, he chose Bertrand and - as he himself emphasizes - he couldn't have made a better choice. First, he found everything he was really looking for in our offer. And two - and this is equally important - from the very beginning of realizing his dream, he could count on the extensive knowledge and commitment of our colleague Robert, the Premium Customer Advisor. He, spending many hours with Mr. Marcin and his wife, selected the appropriate products for the project.

In Mr. Marcin's modern house we will find, among others: aluminum windows, wooden-aluminum windows, Artline sliding doors (times two), roller blinds and an additional garage door. The house itself looks very neat and prestigious. You can see the attention to every detail, but at the same time the implementation is not artificially exaggerated.

And since the entire - no matter how you look at it - comprehensive service was carried out perfectly, our client invited us to his place without any problems so that we could boast about our implementation.

 – I would like to thank both Bertrand and especially Mr. Robert. Thank you for your understanding, the quality of the products and the service itself, including maintenance. I recommend Bertrand wholeheartedly, says Mr. Marcin.

You will find our client's full statement on our LinkedIn profile. Just click here.

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