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Bertrand solutions in Gdynia. Where can you see us?

The next point of our product tour Tricity is the youngest, but dynamically developing Gdynia. Let's start with the areas slightly away from the city center, where we will end this time.

The first investment we will look at – Clearings – is located in the largest (in terms of area) district of the city – Chwarzno Wiczlino. Its contractor is Hossa. In this quiet, spacious area there are many stylish buildings using solutions from the series BB Line (PVC). Below you can see how beautiful they look together. 

Staying in the atmosphere of locations far from the hustle and bustle of the city, we move to the one located almost on the border with SopotNowe Kolibki, because we are talking about it, is a project of the Invest Komfort developer, in which you can see such products offered by our company as: aluminum windows MB-70MB-45 and MB-SR50wooden windows Strongline (with 3 seal lines) and Softline XL. It must be admitted that these modernist buildings integrated into the green surroundings are really pleasing to the eye. 

The time has come for facilities located in the districts Redłowo and Saint Maximilian's Hill. First of them, Modern Tower investor Atal, was built in the immediate vicinity of famous sports facilities in Gdynia. They were incorporated into the walls of these tall, modern buildings PVC windows Kombisystem and aluminum windows MB-78MB-70MB-86 and MB-77. The next one is an extremely aesthetic complex of buildings – Alvarium by the developer SEMEKO – located both close to communication points and natural resources, including the forest and the beach. What products offered by Bertrand company can you find there? Appreciated PVC windows from the Kombisystem range and aluminum windows, including, among others: MB-70 Whether MB-78. Both locations are quite impressive and we hope you like them as much as we do.

And now it's time for the center announced at the very beginning. Beautiful, very modern apartments were built in its regularly modernized part near the Gdynia port Portova the already mentioned Invest Komfort company. We mention this project, of course, because our products participated in it, including wooden windows Strongline 92 in a variant Master. The overall design fits perfectly with the surrounding area, reflecting the modern character of the city.

We will end here, but if you are interested in our other projects, please follow the news in social media.

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