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Friends ask: Who made these glazings for you?

First there is a dream. It germinates in the mind, often for several years. It's growing. Finally, the long-awaited moment comes when it smoothly moves from the realm of imagination to the stage of implementation. Mr. Ziemowit and his wife, Mrs. Aleksandra, have had an idea for a long time what their dream house would look like. When they were ready to make their dream come true, they decided to get help from Bertrand. And they certainly didn't regret this decision.

At the entrance to Żukowo, turning into an inconspicuous street, there is a house that, when seen from a distance, makes a huge impression. What first delights observers are the huge and awe-inspiring glazing. Exactly what the couple in question dreamed of.

– When we decided to implement our project, we considered three companies that could carry out our project. Ultimately, we decided on Bertrand. There were several factors in favor of this offer. Experience, implementation time and the concept proposed to us by our Advisor, Mr. Robert Zwara. I must admit that we are very grateful to him and from this place I would like to thank Mr. Robert very much, because everything was realized exactly as we dreamed - says Mr. Ziemowit, adding that friends are delighted with their new house, especially the beautiful facade, asking about it which company helped them finish it. 


In addition to the above-mentioned and beautiful facade, the house also features: our PVC windowsaluminum doors and aluminum HST sliding doors. The whole thing looks really impressive. – We moved in a few months ago and, knock on wood, we live very well. We are extremely satisfied with Bertrand products. Everything is as we agreed, nothing is wrong, knock on wood - says our clearly satisfied interlocutor. And what does the implementation itself look like? See below. 

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