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Meranti. Something more than original beauty

It is beautiful, hard and very durable. This is what meranti wood is, an increasingly popular raw material used in joinery. Where did it come from in our country and why is it said to be one of the favorite species of carpenters? We invite you to read!

Windows made of this exotic raw material appeared in our country in the late 1990s. The raw material quickly gained popularity, which was influenced not only by its origin, but also by the fact that it is easy to obtain. Meranti is a species of wood from the Shorea hardwood tree, one of the most popular trees growing in Southeast Asia. It is worth mentioning that it comes in many varieties, differing in density, degree of hardness and color.

One of our products using Meranti - produced and painted in our factory in Strzebielin

Among the unique features, it is worth mentioning that this wood is characterized by low water permeability. What does it mean? Namely, it has less tendency to swell and crack. It is also quite hard, resistant to difficult weather conditions, bending, fungi and mold, and finally provides good acoustic and thermal insulation. And, what is important from the point of view of carpentry, it is easy to work with! For these reasons mentioned, it has become popular in the production of wooden windows.

Why is it worth reaching for Meranti?

Many experts claim that it is one of the best wood species for the production of windows and doors. Where does this opinion come from? One of the reasons is certainly that this type of wood is basically perfect for doors and windows. This is indicated by all the above-mentioned features of this raw material, most of which result from one key parameter - density. In this respect, meranti's density clearly exceeds many other wood species. Meranti wood with an average density of 450 kg/m³ should be used for the production of windows, thus ensuring appropriate weight and durability. And what else makes it an ideal wood for windows? 

One of the key features of Meranti, so important for joinery, is its shrinkage. This exotic wood has much lower shrinkage than our pine. The minimal shrinkage of meranti means that the wood - speaking in construction jargon - does not work, even after moisture penetrates it. In practice, this translates into no changes in the original dimensions of the window under the influence of water or other atmospheric factors. Windows made of wood using exotic raw materials do not warp, which is why they are extremely sought after wherever the climate - as in our country - changes frequently.

Meranti – original beauty.

The properties of this wood mean that it is often compared to pine. Just like our domestic species, Meranti is very soft. However, solid parts have a large share in its structure, which improves its resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to its uniform structure, it absorbs paint and varnishes very well - which is why carpenters are eager to use it.

Moreover, Meranti is one of the densest wood species - a cubic meter of raw material with a moisture content of 12% can weigh up to 850 kilograms. Due to its softness, it tolerates all types of wood processing very well - sawing, nailing or gluing. It dries quickly and the risk of warping and cracking during this process is not great.

Meranti and windows?

Windows made of this wood are characterized by extraordinary durability and stability, and at the same time they look really beautiful, because the wood is free of flaws and knots. The physical properties of wood ensure stability and reliable functioning of the entire structure. Moreover, Meranti windows are resistant to water and extreme temperatures, and have good insulating, thermal and acoustic properties. Despite the fact that the raw material from which they are made is imported, their price is not excessive because it is a widely available and popular material. Compared to the pine already mentioned here, Meranti is more resistant to mechanical damage and more durable. What is interesting is that this type of wood can take on various colors and shades. This diversity means that when choosing Meranti windows, some people do not decide to additionally cover it with paint that would change the natural color of this wood.

In our company, we make many windows from this raw material. A quite popular product in our offer, using Meranti, are our Softline wooden windows. Although it is worth remembering that all wooden windows - regardless of the raw material used - add warmth and coziness to our interiors. What Meranti adds is certainly, apart from durability, an additional touch of exoticism.

But the final choice is, of course, yours 😊

Characteristic features of Meranti, i.e. a small cheat sheet

  • a unique breath of distant parts of the world (the wood comes from the Shorea deciduous tree from Southeast Asia)
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • it is about 10 % warmer than oak
  • excellent absorbency of protective agents
  • minimal shrinkage (the wood does not "work" even after moisture penetrates it)
  • aesthetics. Meranti can really surprise you in a positive way, even when slightly darkened.

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