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The impact of light on health – Bertrand – expert guide

What effect does natural light have on our health? Does it affect our well-being? Will it help us save on electricity? 

The lack of natural light is especially noticeable in the autumn and winter season. The days are getting shorter. Definitely most people are not satisfied with the amount of daylight that reaches the interior of their homes.

Natural light affects our well-being. Thanks to its appropriate amounts, we have more energy, improve metabolism and normalize blood pressure. However, reduced doses of light force the body to synthesize melatonin, which makes a person sleepy and apathetic. School-age children can focus more easily, for example on learning, in rooms well lit with natural light, and their minds are more alert. Less lit rooms also require an appropriate amount of artificial light, which, if turned on often, has a negative impact on our budget.

According to research, natural light can fight bacteria, has a stimulating effect, and is also a great therapist. Its lack has an adverse effect on the human body, hence we talk about autumn blues or winter depression. We also feel sleepy, tired and sleepy. However, analyzes show that we can prevent winter fatigue in our own homes. It is important to provide the appropriate amount of natural light. This will provide us with a dose of energy that will stimulate our tired body to life.

What can we do to have more natural light in our homes?

First, select windows so that their surface provides sufficient light to the room. When designing a new building, this is easy to take into account. All we need to do is commission an architect to design large enough glazing.

What if we don't build from scratch or we don't have the option to use large glazing (e.g. lift and slide windows) HST)? This is when narrow window profiles are important.

The narrower the profile, the more natural light. In new generation windows QUANTIX it was possible to increase the glass surface, so the height of the frame with the sash is only 103 mm. The sun falling on the window has easier access to the rooms, so we can take advantage of all the benefits of natural light.

What else we can do? The location of windows, increasing their number and giving up curtains that darken the room are certainly important. However, remember - in winter you should spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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