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What should you know about air vents?

In the past, installing window air vents was neither popular nor necessary due to window leaks. The situation changed when manufacturers began to offer better quality and more airtight windows. Fungus appearing in the room or moisture that is difficult to get rid of may indicate the need to install an air vent. In the article you will find basic information about this product. If you need more information, please let us know at:

Window air vents, also known as air vents or air vents, are small, elongated devices mounted on the upper part of the window frame, which are designed to provide natural ventilation in the building without the need to open the windows.

The growing popularity of their use results from the increasing tightness of windows. Previously manufactured windows were leaky, at least to some extent. Modern window joinery saves energy, but at the same time limits the supply of air necessary for ventilation, hence the need to install air vents.

Is it worth installing air vents in windows?

Rooms without ventilation and an adequate amount of outside air create ideal conditions for the development of mold and fungi, which are dangerous to our health. Insufficient air exchange also negatively affects health, and many of us, especially in winter, give up opening windows due to low temperatures or the level of air pollution with smog. Window vents do not cool down apartments - their purpose is only to enable micro-ventilation in the windows.

Additionally, if we observe a high concentration of smog in our surroundings, we can choose window vents with a filter that does not allow harmful particles to enter the interior.

Air vents can also play a role in the air exchange process in combination with acoustics, i.e. silencing sounds from outside.

– It is usually the customer who decides what function and performance he or she expects. Special calculators come in handy, allowing you to determine the replacement requirement for an area of 20 or 25 m2. For a room of such an area, one air vent is usually sufficient - says Tomasz Budnik, chief technologist at Bertrand.

Window vents are mainly divided into pressurized and hygro-controlled ones. In the case of pressure diffusers, the flow increases when the outside pressure increases. In such a situation, the vent opens and introduces more air into the room, thus regulating the pressure difference. Humidity-controlled air vents using a polyamide plate absorb moisture from inside the room. – Then they expand, absorbing more and more moisture. If we have a room exposed to high humidity, such as a kitchen, bathroom or drying room, where there is a lot of steam that is not removed on a regular basis, then the polyamide tile, absorbing moisture, causes the air vents to open more and more - emphasizes Tomasz Budnik from Bertrand.

Diffusers may differ not only in type and model, but also in air capacity.

– The capacity of the air vents we use in our products is usually previously determined by the investor – adds Tomasz Budnik. Details are also important, especially external drip caps that protrude outside the window. It is important that they are not restricted by anything and do not block the lowering and closing of the air vents. – When necessary, we install flat drip caps under the roller shutter. In turn, in the case of buildings located close to arteries, where a lot of cars pass by, we use special acoustic inserts - explains Tomasz Budnik.

Bertrand offers various ventilation systems. One of them is CAIRE Flex. This type of ventilation can be used regardless of the type of PVC window system with rebate seals and various installation depths. The window rebated air vent is placed between the sash and the frame (instead of the sash rebated seal). It is worth noting that when it is the same color as the window seal, it remains virtually invisible. CAIRE® flex automatically responds to even the slightest air movement. In strong winds, the system ensures the required tightness of the windows, while in normal weather it allows fresh air to flow inside.

You can read more about CAIRE® flex here.

You can find more about CAIRE® smart here.

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