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Which PVC windows should you choose? Can windows protect our house against weather conditions? What anti-burglary standard protects us against theft? How to choose the right surfaces and window color? We tell you what to pay attention to when choosing PVC windows.


Securing the building against burglary is one of the most important issues to consider when choosing windows. Statistics clearly show that burglars most often enter homes through windows or balcony doors. Despite such data, it is possible to choose a window that will protect the apartment against theft. However, it should be remembered that the window's resistance to burglary is determined by it a number of factors:
– use of anti-burglary catches together with appropriate fittings prepared for them,
– anti-burglary glass, consisting of several layers,
– correct window installation.

Many companies offer windows with an insufficient number of anti-burglary catches, exposing customers to burglary. Please remember that the number of hooks should be adapted to the size of the window. At the so-called reference window (dimensions 1230 x 1480 mm) guarantee a good night's sleep four anti-theft latches. Windows with this anti-burglary standard allow you to leave your home without fear of losing your property. Thieves are most often unable to break through windows with such a high burglary resistance level. Surprised by the durability of the windows, they give up after a few seconds. 


Energy efficiency is another key issue when choosing windows. Passive construction (highly energy-saving) is even regulated by law. According to thermal standards since 2017, it is not possible to install windows with a U-value in a houseIn higher than 1.1 W/m2K. What does this ratio really mean? Everyone knows the problem of excessive heating of the room during the summer heat and the penetration of cold air during autumn and winter. The thermal insulation of a window is determined by the window frame, glazing unit and correct installation (we wrote about the importance of proper installation on our Blog). If the above-mentioned factors are maintained to a passive standard, we can be sure that we will save on heating.  


This is the perfect solution for people looking for a universal window Kombisystem PVC. As standard, the Kombisystem window is equipped with at least: four anti-theft latches, which actually reduces the risk of losing valuable assets. Windows with larger surfaces are equipped with additional catches, which helps maintain a high level of protection.
Kombisystem is a PVC window that can meet the requirements of passive construction (U indexIn from 0.73 W/m2K). A PVC window with such high thermal insulation is an investment that will bring not only savings, but above all, in the next few years sense of thermal comfort of residents. Each of us would like to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the room during the summer heat. Obtaining such a high level of thermal insulation is possible thanks to the use of the latest technologies:
– six chambers in the PVC window profile, giving a frame depth of 83 mm,
– additional middle seal that improves the thermal insulation of the entire window (three sealing lines are created),
– IKD foam, enabling the achievement of thermal insulation coefficients dedicated to energy-efficient construction,
– dry gluing of glass (STV) improves the window's statics and is an alternative to steel reinforcements, improving the window's thermal insulation.

Once we know which window to choose, it remains a matter of choosing the window surface and color. A wide selection of colors gives us the opportunity creating your dream home.


Current trends in architecture encourage window manufacturers to constantly expand their color palette. Creating your dream window, matching the interior design, building facade or even the color of your car is also possible with Kombisystem PVC windows. One of the techniques used to cover PVC windows is acrylcolor, a technique used, among others, to cover rear lamps in cars. The acrylcolor surface is characterized by high resistance to weather conditionssuch as rain, hail or heating by sunlight. When investing in windows, we want them to keep their colors fresh for many years, which is why acrylcolor is a unique solution. The use of acrylcolor by window manufacturers is still rare, so the Kombisystem window will stand out from the competition with its longevity.

Colors available in acrylcolor technology 

To cover the Kombisystem window, you can also use a painting technique with a special Anti-Heat coating reduces the phenomenon of heating of windows and doors. BERTRAND is one of the few manufacturers on the market that offers a wide selection of PVC surfaces and painting colors: smooth satin and matte, with a fine-grained structure (also in metallic colors) and in smooth metallic colors. 


PVC windows can also be covered with veneer, available, among others, in one of the most fashionable colors currently - DB 703. The Kombisystem window can be additionally reinforced with an aluminum cover, which constitutes an additional barrier to external factors. 


Connecting the interior of the building with the garden brings us many benefits (as we wrote about on our website Blog). It is important that the balcony doors form a visually uniform whole with the windows. Therefore, Kombisystem is also used to construct terrace systems (HST). 

hst s 90002

Kombisystem in the HST system (Design version)

Kombisystem HST is also available in the so-called design version. The use of wide glazing packages in the fixed sash increases the glass surface, which allows for greater supply of natural light into the interior


Kombisystem windows are currently the most universal solution among PVC windows. A high anti-burglary standard, protection of the house against weather conditions, both in terms of thermal insulation and keeping the colors fresh are the advantages that make this system unique. Choosing a PVC system that guarantees comfort, safety and quality is investment for many years.

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ATTENTION! The commonly used abbreviation PCV is incorrect. The correct nomenclature uses the abbreviation PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The abbreviation PVC - polyvinyl chloride is also allowed.

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